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5 Stars out of 5

The nicest people work at AFS. Every call I’ve ever had was cheerful, professional, and courteous. EVERY TIME a big 5.

You have exceptional employees – keep them!

The Cleanup Process
The work was done, everything returned to normal, and no trash or stuff to deal with.
Our Overall Service
Absolutely a 5 for both - Ben who did my yearly service and diagnosed a problem and also a 5 for Micah Shubert who installed the drains and sump pump. Very satisfied.
Call Representative
Our Service Person
Micah came in place of a 3 man team. I've never seen a better worker - good, fast, diligent, friendly, and professional.
Our Service Person's Diagnosis
Ben was very professional. He also explained very clearly what we needed. Tops - a really nice guy.
Our Service Work
Micah actually RAN from the truck to the house. He did not waste any time. Very surprised to see Micah do the work of 3 guys we would have expected and he did it well.
AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists

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