Job review from 36093

5 Stars out of 5

It I build my retirement cabin in the mountains of NE Alabama, I will have you put in piers before I pour my foundation–that is how sold I am on your product. Why wait for a problem when I can fix it at the beginning.

The Cleanup Process
I have built many houses and no one--no one--ever cleaned up after their work like your teams.
Our Overall Service
Absolutely superb work and personnel
Call Representative
Always kept us in the know of status and appointments
Our Office Staff
Helped us with the financing and kept us informed
Sales Process
Told us exactly what to expect. Even let us know there may be additional costs due to possible extra pier extensions required during the actual work. That allowed us to budget for those costs.
Our Installation Crew
Beyond "Best." Both the pier team and poly lift teams were outstanding.

What made you choose our company?

The up front honesty about what could be done and what couldn’t be done. The fact that not knowing what was under the ground could cause costs to rise. The fact that you matched the extra extension cost of the other lowest bidder. And, the fact that I did flight test for the USAF for 16 years and recognized an excellent engineering product–better that your competition.

AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists

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