Job review from 36207

5 Stars out of 5

I really enjoyed having your people work with me and while I’m not happy that I had to have this work done, I could not be happier about the final results. You’ve done an excellent job for me and my family.


The Cleanup Process
When your people were done with their work, they took care to close off the access to the crawl space below the house, cleaned up after themselves and in the end, they did a great job in cleaning the areas where they had worked.
Our Overall Service
The service and attention to detail was quite good. The crews who came to our home were professional, friendly, courteous and compitent.
Call Representative
Your representatives were quite professional. They did a marvelous job of explaining the company, its philosophy, and experience. Brian Perry did a remarkably good job in preparing a quotation, making a drawing and in explaining the process. He and Ronnie
Our Office Staff
The office staff have been extreamly helpful and have been excellent to deal with.
Sales Process
Again, Brian Perry is absolutely outstanding.
Our Installation Crew
Each of the crews did an excellent job. The wood crew who fixed the damaged floor joists and flooring were very good and they provided me with their feedback on what they were experiencing and how they would handle each of the problem areas.

What made you choose our company?

I found your company through the Home Advisor web site. I’ve used Home Advisor for other projects and have found that the companies listed on this web page are all very professional and competent.

AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists

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