Job review from 31906

4.5 Stars out of 5

You will be the first to know if we run into any disappointment, but we are more hopeful than we have been with other repairs in past.

The Cleanup Process
This average score may not be fair due to the fact that pouring rain and high winds began 30 minutes prior to their completion of sump pump. These poor guys were drenched when they finished! I feel certain based on their work that they would have taken ti
Our Overall Service
We had a severe heavy rain the night of the install, and the next day we could see how efficiently the pump had worked to get the water out. However, we need a few more heavy soaking rains to be sure we have beat the flooding problem for good. Cautiously
Call Representative
Our Office Staff
They worked to get our date bumped up and we were thrilled for it!
Sales Process
Very knowledgable.
Our Installation Crew
These guys work their A$$ES off! Wow!!!

What made you choose our company?

Tons of research and the 20 year transferable guarantee on the work.

We have lived with this problem for many years, although we now may stay in our house for the foreseeable future, the fact that we could sell and provide the warmth to a future homeowner is most definitely a weight off our shoulders!

AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists

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