Job review from 36330

5 Stars out of 5

After the work was completed, doors that were hard to open became easy. Cracks in the sheetrock came back together. The floors were raised up to an almost perfect level position. It made me feel good about my home again.

The Cleanup Process
They cleaned up quite well after themselves.
Our Overall Service
I was very satisfied with the work and the individuals that assisted me throughout the entire process.
Call Representative
Kind and courteous.
Our Office Staff
Very polite and thorough.
Sales Process
He knew the product inside and out and was completely confident that AFS would do a great job.
Our Installation Crew
Those guys really knew their jobs. They explained everything they did during the entire process. Asking me if the current work being completed met my expectations.

What made you choose our company?

My wife saw your commercial on late night TV. We visited your website and found it to be very professional. There were numerous examples of what the space looked like before and then what the space could look like after your teams had installed your products.

AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists

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