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The Tennessee Guide to Crawl Space Encapsulation

Are you a Tennessee homeowner looking for an effective way to protect your crawl space from moisture and other environmental hazards? If so, it may be time to consider crawl space encapsulation – a process designed to protect your home’s crawl space from damage caused by moisture. In this blog post, we’ll explore why crawl spaces get wet, what exactly crawl space encapsulation is, the cost of encapsulation, and more.  

Why You Don’t Want Moisture in Your Home’s Crawl Space

Excess moisture in your crawl space can lead to mold growth. Mold is not only unsightly, but can also be harmful to your health, causing respiratory issues, headaches, and allergies. This is a real problem because some of the air from your crawl space flows into your home’s living area. 

Moisture in your crawl space can also attract pests such as termites, who just love damp wood. Termites can cause massive damage to the wooden support structures in the crawl space, costing you thousands in repairs (not to mention the fact that rodents like mice and rats also love moist environments and can easily nest in your crawl space, causing – well – a whole lot of trouble). 

But wait, there’s more! When moisture enters the crawl space, it can seep into the wood and create the perfect conditions for fungi to grow. Over time, the fungi can cause wood rot, which weakens the posts, beams, and joists in your crawl space.  

Signs of Crawl Space Moisture in Your Tennessee Home

  • Reduced energy efficiency – You might feel drafts coming in from places you wouldn’t expect. That’s because moisture in the crawl space can cause your insulation to become damp, which can decrease its insulating abilities. This means your home will have a harder time holding in warm or cool air, which may result in higher energy bills and a less comfortable living space.
  • Warped or bouncy floors – If you notice your floors starting to warp or sink, or if they feel bouncy when you walk over them, it could be a sign of excess moisture in the crawl space that has caused damage to the wooden support structures.  
  • Pests – Pests such as wood-eating insects, rodents, and other creepy crawlies are attracted to moist environments and can cause serious damage to your home over time. If they’re in the crawl space, they might also appear in your home’s living area.
  • Efflorescence – Efflorescence is the white, powdery substance that appears on concrete surfaces that have been in contact with water. If you see this on the foundation walls in your crawl space, it means you have a moisture problem.
  • Condensation – If you peek into your crawl space and see condensation on anything inside, you’ve got a moisture problem.
  • Standing water – It goes without saying that if you see pools of water on the crawl space floor, something is very wrong.

If you notice any of these issues, don’t hesitate to call in a professional to take a look and see what’s going on. For more information, see Strange Crawl Space Smells? What To Do.

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation involves sealing the vents and covering the crawl space floor and walls with a thick, vapor-retarding barrier. This barrier helps to keep out moisture, pests, and other potentially harmful elements that could damage your home’s foundation. Insulation and a dehumidifier are often added to the encapsulated crawl space to regulate temperature and humidity levels further. The result is a clean, dry crawl space that can be used to store things like tools and holiday decorations.  

Crawl Space Encapsulation – Step-By-Step

Check out this video from our friends at Groundworks to see a step-by-step guide to encapsulating your crawl space.

How Much Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Cost?

The cost to encapsulate a crawl space depends on a few different factors:

First of all, the size of your crawl space plays a big role in determining the cost. Obviously, a larger space will require more materials and labor, so you can expect to pay more for encapsulation if you have a big area to cover.

Another factor is the condition of your crawl space. Are there any existing moisture or air quality issues you need to address? If so, that will likely drive up the cost of encapsulation.

The only way to get an accurate price is to ask for an inspection. If the cost is a concern, don’t lose sleep over it. Some companies offer financing options, just as we do here at AFS Foundation and Waterproofing Specialists. 

When considering encapsulation, it’s important to keep in mind the potential long-term benefits. Encapsulating your crawl space can not only improve air quality and reduce moisture, but also help prevent structural damage and increase energy efficiency in your home.

With 23 years of experience in waterproofing and foundation repair, AFS is a trusted and reliable option for homeowners in Tennessee. So, why wait? Contact us today and take the first step towards a safer and more secure home! Don’t let moisture and pests wreak havoc on your home – AFS can help you prevent those issues before they start.

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