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Crawl Space Insulation: Is Regular Inspection Really Important?

Insulating your crawl space could protect your home. But in order to keep your home safe, you need to inspect it at least once a year.

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When your window gets broken, you immediately fix it. If your roof is leaking, you know to call a roofing contractor right away. However, it is easy to ignore when something is wrong with the crawl space. It is mostly because this area of the house is not something you look at every day, and the problems concerning it are not so obvious. However, just because you cannot register that something happened to the crawl space the moment the damage is done doesn’t make those issues any less significant. On the contrary, issues that have originated in your crawl space can easily turn into serious problems overnight and affect your home’s health. 

Maintaining your crawl space should be on your annual to-do list. You should especially pay attention to keeping the insulation in top shape. How should you check your crawl space insulation and when is it time to call the experts? 

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Why Is Insulation Important? 

If not protected in some way, your crawl space is rather exposed and sensitive, and it could easily get damaged and impact your home’s stability. To make sure your crawl space stays safe from water damage, you need to waterproof it. 

With insulation, you won’t just help prevent water damage, you can also lower your heating/cooling costs, especially when it is paired with a vapor barrier. When you insulate your home, you will be able to easily maintain a steady temperature in your home, which means your heating and cooling devices won’t use a lot of energy. In addition, since there won’t be any sudden changes in the temperature, your pipes won’t burst. With insulation, you will create a physical barrier between your house and the soil beneath it. 

Why Should I Inspect the Insulation? 

Although your crawl space will stay protected from water damage, the insulation itself can get in touch with water many times. This is why it is important to check the condition of your insulation and see whether there have been any changes. With regular inspection, you can either make sure that everything is in perfect order or see that the insulation has been damaged and replace it before your home gets in trouble. For instance, if you don’t check up on your insulation regularly, it could become infested with mold particles, which could harm your family’s health in the long run. If you wish to keep your home protected from damage, you should take time to inspect the insulation and see if everything is okay at least once a year. 

What Damage Signs Should You Look for? 

Establishing that your insulation has been damaged is not as difficult as it sounds. If your insulation is no longer in good shape, you will notice evident signs of water seepage and other damage all over the crawl space. Some of the red flags are standing water or signs of seepage in your crawl space, as well as increased pest presence and mold and mildew. However, you might notice that something is off even without going down there. For example, if your utility bills become higher than usual or you are not able to maintain consistent temperatures throughout your home, it is a good idea to check on the state of your insulation. Keep in mind that these signs could also indicate that there are cracks in your foundation or in your crawl space. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact professional contractors in the Mobile, AL, area and have them take a look at your crawl space. Detecting a problem on time can save you a lot of trouble. 

How to Check Your Crawl Space Insulation 

The easiest way to notice that something is wrong with insulation is to smell it. Damaged insulation smells musty and moldy, so if your crawl space smells this way, it is time to call for help. Although you can inspect the insulation yourself, it is always better to ask for help. If you have never inspected the insulation by yourself and you are not really sure what to do, it might be wiser to leave the inspection to the professionals. Here are some of the steps your contractor will take when inspecting the insulation. 

  • Locating the insulation – If you are not the first owner of the house you live in and the insulation was already installed when you moved in, you may have no idea where it is. It could be inside of your home or outside of it. Your contractor will look for the insulation, and once they find it, they will start the inspection. 
  • Classify your insulation – The contractor needs to know what they are dealing with, so they will check the insulation and see what type it is. There are different kinds of insulation, from foam board to fiberglass insulation. Understanding which type is in question will help the contractor better detect the signs of damage. 
  • Start looking for damp spots – After putting on the safety gear, the contractor will inspect the insulation and look for damp spots. This way they will be able to tell which parts of the insulation need to be replaced. They will also look for signs of water damage beyond those in your insulation. 

A lot of homeowners tend to neglect the crawl space, which can be a huge mistake. The crawl space is a sensitive area of the house, and it can become a hotbed for all kinds of issues that can affect the rest of your house. Therefore, insulating this space and maintaining the insulation regularly is for the best. 

If you want to schedule a free inspection or you want to know more about your insulation options, do not hesitate to contact professional contractors in the Mobile, AL, area. You will surely benefit from a free home inspection with an expert from AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists, after which you will be able to find out about repair services you might need.

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