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professional crawl space insulation installation

Installing Crawl Space Insulation

Installing crawl space insulation can protect your home and help you save money on monthly expenses, but should you do it by yourself?

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When you buy a new home, there are so many things to be done. You need to paint the walls, bring in furniture, maybe fix the floors or the roof, and design a perfect landscape to increase curb appeal. However, insulating the crawl space beneath the house is rarely on the new homeowner’s mind. Unfortunately, a neglected crawl space can result in a lot of problems, many of which can cost a pretty penny to fix. 

Investing in insulation is investing in your home’s future, so this is never a bad decision to make. When is insulating a crawl space needed and how is it done? We have addressed these questions in this post. 

professional crawl space insulation installation

Why Should You Invest in Crawl Space Insulation? 

A lot of homeowners insulate the area around their home to protect it from various potential damages and lower their heating costs. The crawl space insulation has the same benefits. You can be at ease knowing your pipes won’t burst due to the cold weather, and the insulation will lower your bills as well since you won’t need to spend as much energy on heating or cooling your home. 

The crawl space underneath your home is a sensitive place, and with good insulation, you can protect your home and help it retain its market value. Dealing with problems that are a result of a poorly maintained crawl space is time-consuming, not to mention costly, so by investing in insulation, you will ensure that the quality of your life stays intact. 

How to Install Crawl Space Insulation 

Even if you can tackle a lot of home projects on your own and you were able to fix a lot of problems regarding your home maintenance in the past, you should keep in mind that installing crawl space insulation shouldn’t be a DIY project. This is your home’s safety we are talking about, so it is much better to leave this to professionals. If you contact expert contractors in Nashville, TN, here are the steps they will take to insulate your home’s crawl space. 

Step 1: Drain Your Crawl Space 

Installing insulation over a damp crawl space is a recipe for disaster. This way, you create an ideal home for mold and keep the moisture trapped in your crawl space. Therefore, to properly install insulation, your contractor will drain your crawl space first. This could be a simple task, or it could involve bailing out buckets of water, depending on the state of your crawl space. Only when your crawl space is completely dry is it possible to move on to the second step. 

Step 2: Repair Cracks or Other Damage 

When all the moisture has been removed, the contractor will see what they are dealing with. It is important to complete a thorough inspection and see whether the crawl space has been damaged in any way. Before moving on with the project, it is necessary to fix any problems, otherwise, your insulation will become a comfortable home for mold instead of protection from moisture. 

Step 3: Protect Your Vents and Doors 

After the contactor has drained and repaired the crawl space, they will ensure all the doors and vents can be properly closed. If they have been exposed to moisture for a long time, they may have lost their original form and are no longer able to fit into their appropriate slots effectively. This can present a problem because the doors and vents won’t be able to serve their purpose anymore. To keep unwanted moisture out of your home, the doors and vents will need to be replaced, or the contractor will use accessories to block off gaps between them and their frames. It is important that before the installation process, the doors are airtight and secure, and that vents are closed off. 

Step 4: Install Waterproofing as Necessary 

Waterproofing your home in any way is never a waste of money. If you are not sure whether you should invest in waterproofing solutions, research waterproofing options and find out how they can make your life easier. Combining water-resistant or waterproof insulation with interior drainage and sump pumps can help you sleep better knowing your home is safe from any water damage. Talk to your local contractor in Nashville, TN, and see which solutions could benefit your home. 

Step 5: Insulate 

After all these steps have been completed, it is time to insulate. Many materials can be used for insulation, but keep in mind that it is wise to avoid soft fiberglass since it easily fails, holds water and moisture, and allows mold to grow. Instead, invest in a rigid expanded foam board that will be securely placed on the crawl space walls and prevent moisture from entering your home. This insulation, along with the other installations, also will make it more difficult for pests to get inside. 

Step 6: Encapsulate 

It is never a bad move to combine insulation with other protective measures, so consider isolating the crawl space from the earth with a vapor barrier. By encapsulating this space with a thick and durable vapor barrier, the contractor will ensure your utilities, insulation, and belongings stay in the best shape. To complete the encapsulation process, the contractor will cover the crawl space with thick plastic-like materials that are designed to keep water and gas outside of your space. 

If you are a new homeowner and insulating your crawl space never crossed your mind, or maybe you just have no idea where to begin, contact professionals working in Nashville, TN, and ask for help. A visit from AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists includes a free quote that involves an on-site inspection and estimate. With the help of expert contractors, you will know which steps you should take to thoroughly protect your crawl space and avoid unnecessary repair costs.

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