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What Are the Worst Home Pests in Alabama?

New data about insects and animal invaders reveals which pests cause the most problems for Alabama homeowners. Can you guess what's the worst pest in Alabama in 2021?

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There’s no doubt that there is a large number of pests in Alabama, and it can feel like entire colonies are trying to move into your home. From flying insects to creepy crawlers, we wanted to find out exactly which pests cause Alabama homeowners the most problems. In this new report, we’ll break down the worst pests in Alabama and explain ways you can help keep them out of your home. 

Which Pests Are Most Common in Alabama?

Most pest reports don’t fully capture the scope of pest problems in Alabama. There are many ways to deal with pests, and exterminators only know about the problems of the homeowners who call. 

However, Google search data can provide insight into the lives and concerns of Alabama residents. Using Google Trends, we analyzed the aggregate data about which pests are being researched in the state. The results reveal that the worst pests in Alabama are stinging insects such as bees and wasps, as well as flies and ticks. 

ranking Alabama’s worst home pests

10 Worst Home Pests in Alabama

RankPest Google Search Volume As a Percentage of the Top 10

Pest Problems in Alabama

The pain caused by stinging insects is shocking enough to earn these pests the top spot as the worst pest in Alabama. For example, the Schmidt Pain Index described a yellow jacket sting similar to the amount of pain from “extinguishing a cigar on your tongue.” However, there’s another reason stinging insects have ranked so highly in Alabama. With reports of murder hornets in Oregon, residents have been concerned. about the risks of all stinging insects. Even though murder hornets have not been found in Alabama, the state does have similar-looking pests including European hornets and Cicada killer wasps.

The second-worst pest problem is flies. More than just a nuisance, Alabama has aggressive flies and ones that bite. According to the search data, Birmingham and Huntsville have the biggest fly problems. 

Ticks are the third-worst home pest in the state. The number of Lyme disease cases in the state has risen sharply in recent years, and there is a large number of queries about identifying tick bites and how to remove ticks

What About Termites in Alabama?

Termites have not ranked as one of the top pests that people are concerned about. However, their ability to cause property damage makes them a significant threat in Alabama, and Mobile ranks as the 34th worst city in the country for termites. 

Attracted to moisture and dampness, termites can remain out of sight for years while damaging a home’s wooden support beams. When the infestation is finally discovered, the damage can be extreme. The problem exists in many of the southern states in the country, and each year in the U.S., termites cause about $1 billion to $7 billion in damages.

What Structural Solutions Can Help You Reduce Pests?

Extermination can help you reduce the pest population, but it’s just as important to repair how pests are getting inside your home. Here’s how you can use the structure of your home to help with pest control. 

1. Seal the gaps and cracks where pests can enter. Repair potential entryways where pests can get inside your home, and look carefully for foundation cracks along the base of your home that give burrowing pests access to your basement or crawl space. 

2. Make your property less inviting to pests. Many pests are attracted to damp yards or basements. Improving water issues through basement waterproofing and vapor barriers can help reduce pests in your home, while also improving your home’s livability. Thick and durable vapor barriers in your crawl space or basement also make it more difficult for pests to get inside your home.

3. Use materials designed for termite prevention. Insect protection can be built into the materials you use for home repairs. For example, the insulation panels that we recommend residents use in their crawl spaces are treated to resist termites, helping to create a strong barrier of protection for your home. 

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