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Nashville Home Crawl Space Overhauled and Waterproofed

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It’s no secret that home repairs can be a pretty frustrating experience for any homeowner. No one likes to admit that they can’t handle work around the house on their own. However, that doesn’t mean that you should experiment with the DIY approach. In fact, you should contact the professionals and repair the damage the right way.

With a quality crew at your disposal, your crawl space problems can disappear in no time. In this case, our Nashville, TN, team took care of a clients’ needs in less than 72 hours. The whole process went something like this: the family contacted us, our crew discussed the state of their home, and after a thorough inspection, they offered up a solution. Sounds simple, right?

The home is now safe from future water damage and the fact that repairs took just three days makes it even better. Our team encapsulated and replaced a floor support in the damaged crawl space. Once the clients pay off these repairs, they’ll be looking into further repair solutions, including further floor support replacements and piering.

Meeting the Clients

To best understand the issues your crawl space may be facing now or down the line, it’s always a good idea to learn more about the local weather and soil. Since we’re talking about Nashville, TN in this case, it’s important to point out some information about its climate and common soils. Nashville is all about warm temperatures, clay soil, and water problems that come about whenever there’s a storm. Of course, clay isn’t exactly a bad soil to build a house on, but does present unique challenges.

Clay is prone to creeping and it is an expansive soil. With excessive rain and groundwater, it begins to expand, allowing the house to slowly sink into the ground. This in turn causes numerous foundation and crawl space issues. Of course, if a crawl space doesn’t have quality waterproofing, it can fall victim to the elements. Unfortunately, all these things were affecting our clients’ home and some will only be dealt with in further repairs.

The budget we were given by the family wasn’t big. However, they were right to start the process of repairing their crawl space when they did as we were able to prevent the development of further damage. Sometimes, you just can’t afford to fix all of your home’s problems at once, but you should aim to, at least, do something about the main ones. In this case, the state of their crawl space was pretty bad, and here’s what our team came up against.

The Initial Inspection

Clear communication between the client and our team is essential. The homeowners were mindful of the fact that their crawl space was in pretty bad shape. Their assessment of the situation was almost spot on and they were able to communicate all of this to us, which helped us prepare for what we encountered at the site, saving time and money. The team was able to dive into inspecting the crawl space right away.

The height of the crawl space was uneven, which is an indication of major structural damage. It was pretty tight on the very end of the home, which was farthest from the door. The homeowners tried to fix it with a DIY approach, using home remedies, but it didn’t help.

The uneven weight of the home was affecting every corner of the crawl space. However, the clients decided to deal with the foundation settlement issues at a later date. Instead, they wanted to focus on crawl space encapsulation. However, that didn’t stop the repair team from giving them a couple of tips on how to make sure the crawl space foundation makes it until they get ready to do some more work. By taping the foundation poles, they would secure them while the crew replaced the one that was the most likely to go down.

The Repair Process

After inspecting the crawl space, it was time for the installation team to get to work repairing the damage. The first thing on the list was cleaning out the redundant debris and dirt lying around the base level of the home. But after that, things got a bit more complicated. They covered the dirt floor with a vapor barrier. This way, the excess moisture in the soil surrounding the house couldn’t get inside the crawl space anymore.

The next thing they did was dig up two holes for floor support. They busted out concrete because one of the holes wasn’t thick enough. And after graveling the holes, they set up pads, leveling and back-fielding them. The team also used spray foam insulation between the crawl space vapor barrier and the wall to seal any gaps and cracks between them.

The team also cut support pipes to length, while also shortening the steel beam to 7ft under the kitchen floor. Besides that, it was time to replace the failed support and to install sistered joists. Still, our crew didn’t stop there. They built the crawl space door from scratch, installed a crawl space dehumidifier, and ran a condensation line out of the vent.

This left the client satisfied. Of course, there’s much work left to do in the future, but that’s up to the homeowners.

Don’t Waste Your Time!

Don’t try to deal with crawl space problems by yourself. It’s better to contact your local professionals and allow them to take matters into their hands. If you’re looking to make sure that your crawl space, basement, or slab foundation are safe, contact our team for a free inspection. With their help, you’ll easily restore your house to its previous glory.


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