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Adding Granite or Tile? Steps to a Strong Foundation

Home improvements are fun - we all love a facelift to our home, especially the rooms that we use the most. 


Home improvement projects add value to your home.  If you’re adding ceramic tile or granite, check out these tips to keep your home on solid ground.

Tip #1: Calculate How Much Additional Weight You’ll be Adding

Did you know?  The average granite counter top installation weighs between 500 and 1200 lbs. WOW!

Granite – 2cm                    12.8 lbs  per square foot

Granite – 3cm                    18.0 lbs per square foot

Stone                       Up to  25.0 lbs per square foot

The average ceramic flooring installation weighs between 750 and 3,200 lbs.

Ceramic or Quarry Tile   ¾” on ½” mortar bed  16 lbs per sq.foot

Ceramic or Quarry Tile   ¾ ” on 1” mortar bed  23 lbs per sq.foot

Slate  1″        158 lbs per sq. foot

Calculate the total square footage for your project as well as the weight of the materials you’ll be adding.  AFS can help you determine the weight and if your floors can support the additional load.

Home improvements are fun – we all love a facelift to our home, especially the rooms that we use the most.  The kitchen in particular is one of the most likely places that you’ll be adding granite or tile.

Tip #2:  Check Your Flooring for Strength & Weight-bearing Integrity

Does your home have any of the following?

  • Sagging floors or uneven floors
  • Creaking floorboards
  • Wet or rotted floor joists
  • Dirt crawl space or basement

These can be signs of flooring or foundation failure.  Your floor may not be able to support  your new countertop or flooring installation. Are your floors bouncy?  Do the cabinets rattle when someone walks across the room?  These are subtle signs that your floor is struggling to support the weight of the room adequately.  AFS can work with your flooring or materials company to ensure proper structure before installation. Ask us how.

Granite and tile are fantastic features to add to your home;  they add instant value and tremendous aesthetic appeal. In our first two posts, we covered the weight of these materials and the signs and symptoms that your flooring may not be strong enough to support the weight.  Here’s tip #3

Tip #3: Customize a Solution to Your New Counter tops or Flooring

AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists will inspect your home and evaluate the integrity of your flooring system before you begin materials installation.  We work with flooring and granite companies across the region to help prepare homes for granite and tile installations.

In fact, any time you add significant weight to your home, it’s a good idea to check your floors for stability.  (Large gun safes, large scale gym equipment & weights, large furniture arrangements, to name a few).

If your floors sag & are bouncy, or if your furniture leans towards the middle of the room, you may need additional floor supports to support the extra weight. AFS can customize a system of adjustable support posts called SettleStop Floor Supports in order to lend support exactly where your home needs it the most.

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