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Fixing Bowing Walls with Wall Braces in Cleveland, TN

A customer from Cleveland, TN, was worried about the bowing walls in his home. Here is how we repaired the damage and ensured the stability of his house.

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If you have foundation issues, calling professional contractors in your area is the best thing you can do for yourself, your family, your budget, and your house. Luckily, our customer from Cleveland, TN did not try to repair anything on his own, although he knew where the problem was. Since he was friends with one of our inspectors, he knew exactly who to call when it was time to fix the damage. 

Homeowners often believe that nothing can happen with new homes since they are freshly built. The problem is always with those old structures that have seen their fair share of storms, floods, and other mishaps, right? However, this is not always the case. The house in question was built in 2018 and we had to intervene or things would only get worse in time. After figuring out what the cause of the problems was, we were able to recommend foundation repair solutions that would permanently stabilize this home. We quickly came to an agreement with the homeowner and with 10 wall braces in place, the customer was able to move on with his life, confident in the structural stability of his house. 

Meeting the Homeowner 

A homeowner from Cleveland, TN, located slightly northeast of Chattanooga, TN, called us worried about the bowing walls in his home. Since he knew our inspector personally, he had heard about AFS and the work we do. Although he was able to see what the problem was, he wanted the repairs handled by a team of professionals. This was a smart choice and in just one day we were able to complete the project. The house was built in 2018, so it was still relatively new. Regardless of whether the customer planned to live there forever or sell the house, bowing walls were a problem that needed to be addressed as soon as possible. First, leaning walls can cause significant damage to the house. They are unsafe and pose the threat of falling in. Secondly, bowing walls are frequently accompanied by cracks that can allow in moisture, which causes a whole array of other problems. Fortunately, the homeowner wanted the problem resolved as quickly as possible. 

Our Initial Inspection 

cracking bowing ball

When the customer contacted us, he noted that the walls in his home were bowing. When our inspector visited his home, he confirmed that the walls were leaning in. The customer’s home was a split-level house with an attached garage. Our inspector noticed horizontal cracking along the wall in the garage. The same wall also leads into the basement. Horizontal cracks are never good news since they could indicate issues with foundation settlement or hydrostatic pressure. They are a clear sign that the home’s foundation is under a lot of pressure and that it is not able to bear the load. Unless the problem is solved, even bigger damage will occur that can lead to a structural collapse.  

Homeowners who notice such cracks should contact professional contractors as soon as possible, so they can detect the cause of problems and recommend the best solution. When our inspector took a closer look at the cracks, he saw that someone had tried to repair the wall by filling in the cracks. Of course, this would only mask the problem, it wouldn’t solve it in any way. We recommended possible solutions to the homeowner and agreed on wall braces. 

Repairing the Damage 

The whole project was completed in a day. Since the outside pressure from soil and water could cause foundation walls to collapse, we installed 10 wall braces to permanently stabilize the walls. Not only that, but in time, these specially designed wall braces can be tightened to help improve the walls’ condition and potentially restore them to their original positions over time. it can push the walls back to their original position. The great thing about these wall braces is that no outside excavation is needed, which is why our crew managed to complete the job so quickly. With this system, there is no need to worry about corrosion since all elements are zinc-coated for rust resistance. 

The first thing members of our crew did was cut each beam to the appropriate height. Afterward, each brace was attached to a floor joist at the top of the wall and bolted to it. This system does not damage the floor framing. Next, the braces were attached to the concrete foundation floor with a special bracket. This system guarantees a clean appearance in the basement and minimal disruption of basement space and comes with a longtime warranty against manufacturing defects. There were no problems during the installation and the job was completed on time. 

closeup of braces

Bowing walls are a major problem that should be taken seriously. Eventually, they can collapse and compromise the stability of the entire house. If you have noticed that the walls in your home are cracking and bowing, call professional contractors at AFS to schedule a free inspection and repair quote. Our foundation specialist will determine the cause of the problems and recommend the right solutions.

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