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Restoring a Nashville Home With Leaking Wall Cracks and Uneven Floors

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How can homeowners go about repairing and waterproofing a water-damaged home in Nashville, TN? With a bit of professional guidance, the process is easier than you might think. Our team of professionals was able to meet with the homeowners to discuss their concerns for their home and, after a thorough inspection, recommended a myriad of solutions that would restore their home to its previous condition.

This repair process took three days. With new waterproofing measures in place and much of the old damage in the home repaired, the homeowners were able to plunge into their future confident in the structural integrity of their home.

Cracked wall

Meeting the Customers

The Nashville, TN, couple first reached out to us with concerns about their uneven floors. Their home had been built in 1986, and they planned to stay on the property for at least five more years. The unevenness in their floor was only the beginning of their concerns, though. In their initial consultation, the homeowners also noted that they were starting to notice cracks in their walls as well as cracks in the brick around their home. While they weren’t yet prepared to sell the home, they wanted to get a head start on any repairs they would need to complete by the time they wanted to put it on the market.

Our Initial Inspection

Thanks to the homeowners’ initial assessment, we had a general idea of what we wanted to look for when we first stepped into the home. There was more to the damage to contend with, however, than cracked walls and brick.

The sunroom boasted much of the home’s damage. The homeowners reported that there had been standing water in the home after recent storms, and the wear showed. The room sat on a concrete slab that had started to crack and sink. Paired with the home’s uneven floors, it was clear that water damage had already started to compromise some of the home’s structural integrity.

The trouble didn’t end there, though. While our clients’ crawl space was in relatively good condition, the basement also showed signs of damage. The walls in the basement were beginning to crack and bow to the point where it seemed that they weren’t holding as much of the home’s weight as they should have been. The homeowners also reported that they had seen some standing water in this area in the past.

Finally, we stepped outside and looked at the garage. While there wasn’t significant damage in this area, there were still a few cracks that the homeowners were worried about growing.

Repairing the Damage

Addressing the damage seen in the couple’s home required a multi-step approach. To get started, our team had to address the sinkage in the sunroom as well as the bowing walls in the basement.

Piers are among the best stabilization and lifting methods to use when you’re contending with a damaged concrete slab and foundation settlement. With that in mind, our team recommended and installed six push piers beneath the couple’s sunroom to bring the slab back into place. We applied 14 carbon fiber straps to the walls in the basement, as well, to better allow the walls to support the home above them. The crack in question did not appear to put the structural integrity of the home at risk, so the couple opted to forgo immediate repairs in favor of addressing more significant damage elsewhere in their home.

The homeowners did enthusiastically request the installation of waterproofing measures throughout their basement to prevent the present moisture from doing more damage to their property. In light of their requests, we installed an interior perimeter drain around the entire basement. This drain, paired with a sump pump system with a battery backup, would pump water out of the basement via a discharge line into the backyard. We also installed a wall liner on three of the four walls to help prevent moisture intrusion, then covered 15 feet of the fourth wall, which connected to the couple’s crawl space.

basement waterproofing work

Weather and Soil in Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN, is home to warmer Southeastern weather and a plethora of clay soil. While the rain and snowmelt in the area shouldn’t cause too many problems for the average home, the composition of the soil can sometimes cause problems all on its own. Homes built on clay can often find themselves dealing with creeping soil, or soil that expands as the temperature outside starts to warm up. Combine the pressure of that expanding soil with the presence of any rain or groundwater nearby, and many Nashville, TN, homes may find themselves falling victim to basement, crawl space, and foundation damage.

Treating this damage can be a challenge if you don’t know where to start. Getting ahead of it can feel like an impossible challenge. The good news is that you don’t have to try and protect your home alone. You can reach out to our local team to schedule an initial home inspection. After looking through your home and discussing your concerns, our contractors can provide you with a free quote, noting what repairs might suit your home best.

Don’t let moisture and foundation damage get the best of your home. Reach out for a free inspection and repair quote today, and the professionals serving Nashville, TN, will help you reclaim your property.


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