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Top 6 Products for Foundation Repair

Repairing your foundation on your own is next to impossible. What tools, then, can professional contractors use to help you repair your foundation?

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When you start noticing signs of damage throughout your home, it can be difficult enough to pin down where that damage is coming from, let alone what means you may need to take advantage of to repair it. The good news is that local professionals can help. When it comes to identifying and repairing damage done to your foundation, you can work with area contractors to determine which of the available solutions will best help you restore your home. 

foundation repair products

These solutions can include: 

Wall Anchor Systems 

Are you contending with bowing walls, cracks near your joints, and general instability throughout your foundation? Wall anchors may serve you well. Contractors can plant these anchors out past the unstable soil around your foundation and use them to permanently stabilize your walls and even straighten them over time. These systems can help take the weight of your walls off of your foundation. However, wall anchor systems aren’t as flexible as other solutions when it comes to fitting into tight spaces.  

Wall Braces 

The damage that appears in your foundation is most often caused by some manner of weakness in your home’s overall structural integrity. If you’re looking to combat that, you can look to a specialized wall bracing system. This system gives your foundation walls specifically the support they need, forcing bowing walls back into their original position courtesy of adjustable bolts. This system is flexible and versatile, meaning it can take on a role as a primary support system in places where other aids may not reach. These braces are ideal to use when installation space for wall anchors is limited. 

Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcing Systems 

Are your walls slightly cracked or just beginning to show signs of strain? Invest in a carbon fiber wall system. These systems use straps combined with structural epoxy to prevent your walls from cracking or bowing any further. They will not change the overall appearance of your foundation walls all that much, but they are perfect to use in situations where walls are not severely cracked or bowed inward. Their low profile allows them to easily be concealed with paint, drywall, or paneling. 

Crawl Space Supports 

Crawl space supports are designed to take some of the weight of your home off of your foundation. Contractors can install these sturdy support jacks in your crawl space to fortify sinking, sagging, or otherwise uneven floors throughout your home. The beams can also be used to bring your floors back up to their original positions if they’ve started to sink. 

Foundation Pier Systems 

If your home is suffering from foundation settlement, various foundation piers can be used to permanently stabilize these problematic sections and even help restore them to their original level positions. 

As some of the most common types of piers used in foundation repair, contractors install push piers in the bedrock around your home. These piers take the weight of your home off of your foundation while also forcing your foundation back into a more appropriate position. 

Helical piers are best used to keep lighter concrete structures from sinking into the ground. Contractors tend to use these kinds of piers to lift up room additions and chimneys. 

If you have a slab foundation that’s started to show signs of wear, you’ll want to invest in slab piers. These piers take root several feet below your foundation and can be used to force your foundation and interior slab back into their proper position. 

Polyurethane Foam Injections 

For sinking concrete areas like your driveway, sidewalk, patio, pool deck, or even slab floors, concrete lifting can be achieved with polyurethane foam injections. The process of injecting polyurethane foam around your concrete features requires contractors to drill injection sites. This foam, however, expands once it’s established beneath the concrete. It will both stabilize the loose soil that allowed your concrete to sink while also creating a barrier between the concrete and its past sinkage, preventing repeat damage from appearing around your property. 

Repairing a Damaged Foundation with Professional Help 

Looking to repair damage in your foundation and around your property? Let a contractor in Chattanooga, TN, go to work for you. You can reach out to schedule a consultation with an expert from AFS and leave with a free services quote detailing the repairs you may need to restore your home’s value.


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