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What Is Foundation Settlement?


An example of foundation settlement.

Keeping your home’s foundation in good shape is essential. The foundation is an integral part of your house that holds the whole structure in place. Extreme weather, soil condition, and moisture can cause foundation settlement over time. Consequently, floors begin to slope, cracks develop on the walls, and other structural problems start to surface. A poor foundation will continue to worsen if not addressed quickly.

How To Repair Your Foundation

Fixing foundation problems is not a simple task. It’s not just about repairing and sealing cracks. Most foundations need permanent solutions like helical piers or push piers. Our team at AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialist has years of expertise within this industry. Our certified inspectors and crew members have the skills and experience needed for this type of work. 

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Remember, foundation settlement is a common issue. Typically, issues arise when the soil around the home can no longer bear the structure’s weight above it. Foundation problems can occur due to: 

Types of Foundation Settlement

Differential Foundation Settlement

Differential settlement is a condition wherein a building’s foundation settles unevenly, often leading to structural damage. Consequentially, the frame of the building may become distorted, floors may slope, and windows and doors may become stuck. The majority of foundation issues are due to differential foundation settlement. 

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Uniform Foundation Settlement 

Uniform settlement occurs when a building settles at the same rate throughout all portions of the structure. If the entire structure rests on the same kind of soil, then uniform settlement is likely to occur. Occasionally, the home may tilt slightly, known as tilt settlement. Luckily, uniform foundation settlement typically causes less structural damage compared to other types. 

Settlement is unavoidable. Given enough time, all homes will eventually experience foundation settlement. Soil settlement is standard for most property. However, it could be challenging for a homeowner to make out the real needs for foundation repair. Therefore, we recommend contacting an AFS Foundation & Waterproofing expert to help you and your home.

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