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Proven basement waterproofing and crawl space repair in Columbus, GA

Mold and fungus forming in crawlspace

As a large, diverse city with many districts and types of properties, Columbus, GA homeowners need all the help they can get when it comes to making sure their homes are safe and dry. They need specialists familiar with the area and everything it entails, such as its climate and history. AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists has been serving local basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, and foundation repair needs ever since we opened our doors in 2000!

Signs of a basement water problem

  • Wet or damp basement floor or standing water
  • Leaking or damp basement walls or windows
  • Crystalline deposits on concrete surfaces
  • Musty odors, condensation, and humidity
  • Sump pump issues

If you’ve noticed any water issues in your basement, your best bet is to call in a professional. Basement moisture can lead to mold growth and rot, which can cause many more problems for your home. By installing a basement waterproofing system from AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists, you’ll be able to use your basement space once again, and you won’t have to worry about water problems. We are skilled at installing a variety of sump pumps, drainage systems, dehumidifiers, and wall and flooring options to dry out your basement and even improve the way it looks!

We also specialize in crawl space encapsulation and repair. Because of its proximity to the outside, crawl spaces can be affected by all kinds of problems, from moisture and humidity to extreme temperatures and even pests. AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists’ crawl space encapsulation system, complete with our expertly designed vapor barriers, vent covers, access wells and more, will prevent your crawl space from destroying the structural integrity of your home!

Foundation repair

Quality foundation repair and concrete lifting solutions

The most common cause of foundation issues is one you can’t control – the soil beneath your home. Soil expansion and contraction can make your foundation move in ways it was never supposed to. However, you do get to decide who to call when you notice foundation issues around your home, such as wall and floor cracks, sticking windows and doors, or bowing walls.

Along with foundation repair solutions, we can also help with concrete lifting and leveling to remove cracks and uneven surfaces across your property. Ask us about SettleStop Concrete Raising, an award-winning alternative to traditional mudjacking techniques!

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Work Requests from Columbus, GA

Miller Road in Columbus
Hello, I am looking for an estimate on repairing a wall that has been sinking away from the ceiling. There is a crack along the top of the wall, that I believe to either be related to the flooring, or an issue with the support pillar underneath the house sinking. Thank you.

Ranch Forest Drive in Columbus
I would like to for someone to come out and inspect our crawl space to see if we need to reinforce our floor joists. When I walk across certain parts of the house, the floor feels “spongy” and some of our doors have recently begun to sag. If possible, I would like for someone to come out on 12/22/16 so I can meet them at home.

Snellings Dr in Columbus
Walls are rapidly cracking,and the ceiling too.

Sheba Dr in Columbus
Parts of my floors are sagging and uneven

Hodges Drive in Columbus
I need someone to look at my foundation (I have a crawl space) to see about adding support. The house is uneven.

Ormand DRIVE in Columbus

Melrose Dr in Columbus
A free estimated on a foundation repair

Startford Drive in Columbus
Interior walls has cracks and exterior bricks are shifting with cracks.

Woodlawn Ave in Columbus
Crawl space collects water, needs insulation and ground covering

in Columbus
Foundation repair needed.

Jamestown Dr. in Columbus
Crawl space repair accessible to in wanted critters and drive way repair

Dalton Dr in Columbus
2 places on apron around pool have dropped abut an inch give or take and need them lifted

Lichfield Road in Columbus
I have walls that continue to crack even though they have been repaired

MANY times. Think there is more going on. Had structural repair 7 years ago, but I think it actually caused more problems.

Old Double Churches Rd in Columbus
Foundation and uneven flooring

Broadway in Columbus
Looking for crawl space clean out and vapor barrier or encapsulation. Goal is to improve energy efficiency and decrease pests. Please email
Cherokee Drive in Columbus
Hello – The foundation for my duplex at 3248 Cherokee Drive, Columbus, GA, is settling. I would like an estimate for this property. You previously worked on my property at 2024 Cherokee Avenue, Columbus, GA. Thanks, Brian
in Columbus
Omega Dr in Columbus
Lorna Drive in Columbus
40 year old tri-level house with walkspace underneath needs leveling.
Eberhart Ave in Columbus
I would like an estimate. Please call. Thanks
Neassie St in Columbus
Need a quote on raising concrete at a pool
Double Churches Road in Columbus
Cracks in pavement around pool. I have photo.
Hawks Ridge Road in Columbus
Front porch landing steps separating from the house.
Whitehaven Drive in Columbus
Cracks at the corner of the house. Need an estimate on fixing.
Pinebrook DR in Columbus
Shifting foundation, cracks in sheetrock and outside brick, doors sticking.
Whitehaven Ct in Columbus
Areas on driveway have sunk
Dell Drive in Columbus
Water seeping into basement. interested in sump pump solution.
Goodson Drive in Columbus
We have a 1 and half levels home with a crawl space that backs into to lower level wall which is leaking water through the wall when it rains.
Florence Dr in Columbus
The concrete around my pool is sinking.
Cochran Ave in Columbus
Please schedule a free inspection. Thank you!
Rock Springs Ct in Columbus
Interested in the repair of a Sinking driveway and installation of a crawl space vapor barrier. EMAIL is the best form of contact.
in Columbus
We have some buckling in our old wood floors.
Sears Rd in Columbus
Front porch steps are sinking away from the front porch itself and needs repair.
Bunkerhill Rd. in Columbus
Foundation repair: door sticking, floor sinking
Dearborn Ave in Columbus
Attached garage settling causing separation of trim/slab floor.
Rockybrook Dr in Columbus
Foundation has settled and led to floor becoming unlevel house sits on garage/crawl space
Jackson Road in Columbus
I have a 20′ sidewalk that has settled holds water after a rain. It needs to be raised. Do you do small jobs like this? If so, I would like to get an estimate.
Flint Drive in Columbus
Cracks in the brick steps leading to house, cracks in front of house u see lurch window, and cracks in kitchen walls and living room walls and other through your house.
Cherokee Ave in Columbus
Stoop is sinking and separating from porch landing.
in Columbus
Request: Free estimate regarding repairs on flooring/crawl space (I’m not quite sure what the problem is the floor is not leveled and is extremely weak in certain spots. I’m not sure if the foundation is shifting.
Stark Avenue in Columbus
We have a 75 year old house with a settlement/sinking floor issue in an area of the home and a finished basement that needs waterproofing.
Berry Ave in Columbus
Need estimate regarding sinking floor over crawl space.
Princeton Avenue in Columbus
I need a foundation repair estimate for an investment property.
in Columbus
Historic house on cross base; floors in house are unleveled; need crawl space support checked, crawl space insulation, crawl space humidity control; and possibly encapsulated.
King Street in Columbus
Water leaking into my basement.
Wakefield Way in Columbus
Foundation settling in older home I just purchased. Want to get a professional opinion about what can be done and/or what needs to be done.
Palmetto Ave in Columbus
My floor in parts of my house continue buckle
Dimon Street in Columbus
Please provide estimate to repair. Significant brick separation at several exterior locations. House is bank owned and unoccupied. Crawl space is accessible. I am considering purchase for rehab. Thanks
Biggers Rd. in Columbus
I have water seeping under front of house foundation and causing issues.
Avalon RD in Columbus
Bathroom floor on one side is not level. This is a rental property and I’m getting estimates. Nothing is leaking or wet. The work space is a crawl area and the seal needs to be lifted. V/r, Rebecca Welch
Summerchase Ct in Columbus
My patio is 16′ x 10′. The slab has dropped 4 to 5 inches next to my house. I need an estimate on leveling the patio.
Edgewood RD in Columbus
Ground water in basement.
Broadway in Columbus
Crawl space drainage problem
Harrison Ave in Columbus
Water collecting in back sun room and throughout back yard
Land Drive in Columbus
Water problems in my basement.
Howard Ave. in Columbus
The area around the bathroom is settling. This is a brick raised level foundation home, and the piers are giving underneath the bathroom and a few other points.
Edgewater Dr in Columbus
Foundation issue. Crack in brick.
Winvelly Drive in Columbus
Foundation wall cracks in right front of house,cracks in drywall, Cracks around window, uneven Front doors.
Heiferhorn Trace in Columbus
We have two areas around our swimming pool that the concrete has shifted on. Would like to know more about costs, etc.
North Columbus in Columbus
I may have a concrete slab foundation that has settled over the years. It appears to be separating some of my brick wall on both sides of the house at the mortar joints. I believe the front part of the house is beginning to dip as it sits on a hill. I’m not sure if slab jacking would be an affordable venture at this time, and was wondering if I could get any kind of range of costs before pursing this further? I understand it could be a large range depending on what’s needed. I just have no idea on the possible cost of such a project. Thank you for any information.
Pinewood Court in Columbus
We have to area of concrete that have settled, on the the driveway and the other around the pool that needs to be leveled.
Lismore Drive in Columbus
Need to obtain a quote for foundation repair.
Thomason Avenue in Columbus
Cracks in walls, separation of shower base from step over, floors not level.
King Street in Columbus
I am concerned about bad odors coming from my crawl space into the floor of my home (specifically, the bedrooms). Either the main sewer drain or water seeping under the house is creating the problem. I recently installed a french drain to reduce the amount of moisture under the house and I am seeing some results, but I am concerned about the health of my wife and father-in-law. I look forward to hearing from you.
Dixon Dr in Columbus
I have standing water in my crawl space. My sump has been continuously running for at least a week. I need this system evaluated.
River Road in Columbus
Need to raise a corner of my driveway where the ground settled and the concrete cracked.
Alta Vista Drive in Columbus
Crawl space repair
Canberra Ave in Columbus
Foundation (slab) problems
Virginia ST in Columbus
Uneven sidewalk and cracking
Reese Road in Columbus
We are looking to purchase a home with and inground (liner) pool. The concrete has settled on one end & side of the pool deck. I would like to know if this could be fixed by your method.
Camille Drive in Columbus
Cracking wall and slab on car pad. Bowing glass block on large glass block window. Moisture barrier under house and possible settling.
Rivermont Court in Columbus
Driveway cracking
Fox Chapel Dr in Columbus
Crawl space
Leafmore in Columbus
Cracked foundation
Desoto Dr in Columbus
The back end of our house (which was added on some time in the ’70s) looks to be stinking into the ground. There are many places in the brick walls that have large cracks and brakes in them. Inside the house you can see where the walls in some places are coming apart.
Steam Mill Rd in Columbus
Need estimate on house releveling
Garrard St in Columbus
I need someone to come out and look under the house to see why my walls are getting cracks in them. We also have a slight mold smell in the front of the house and I would like to get an estimate to have that repaired. Thank you.
Pine Needle Dr in Columbus
Walls cracking on the inside in several places along with cracking on the side of the house.
Spirea Dr in Columbus
Foundation repair, cracking brick, inside corner wall board pulling apart.
St. Marys Road in Columbus
Pipe under house was leaking due to need for pipe refitting. Pipe repaired but moldy smell and small insects still persist. Vapor barrier needs replacing.
Hood Street in Columbus
Renter has concern about floor sinking
Larry Dr in Columbus
I have a basement that is about 4 ft underground. It is heated and is used as livable space. During heavy rain I have several small areas in the floor that water seeps up. These spots are not near the exterior walls so the water is not seeping in down the walls, but apparently coming from underground as the water table rises. Would like some advise on how to stop this.

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Crawl Space Repair in Columbus, GA

Crawl Space Repair in Columbus, GA

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Helical Piers Installation in Columbus, GA

Helical Piers Installation in Columbus, GA

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