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Basement wall wet from water seeping through cracks
Damp basement spots.

Named the wettest city in the contiguous 48 states, Mobile, AL gets on average over 66 inches of rain every year – not to mention the tropical storms and tornadoes known to disrupt the area, such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005 or the Christmas Day tornado in 2012. With all of this extreme weather to combat, homeowners in Mobile need help to ensure their homes stay safe and dry. That’s why AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists has been serving local homeowners with basement waterproofing services ever since we opened our doors in 2000.

If you have a wet basement with pools of water, damp spots, or even just musty odors, the professionals at AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists are here to help. There are many ways that water can enter your basement, including through wall and floor joints, basement windows or hatchways, and cracks in the walls or floors, but we have solutions that will prevent all of these leaks from occurring and will remove all water from your basement. Products such as sump pumps, French drains, dehumidifiers, waterproof walls and flooring, and much more will keep your basement dry.

We also offer versions of our basement services for crawl space encapsulation and repair. Your crawl space may be having a much larger effect on your home than you realize, as crawl space moisture can promote mold growth and impact the structural integrity of your entire home. Have a professional check out the space and decide if any of our products, including the popular crawl space vapor barrier, are right for you!

Reliable foundation repair and concrete lifting

Wall cracks in this home is a major sign of structural problems.

The soils around your home in Mobile, AL have the potential to cause a lot of issues for your foundation. Different soil types absorb more water than others, leading to cycles of soil expansion and shrinkage that cause your foundation to shift, settle, heave, or develop other issues. And even though you may think all foundation problems must be obvious, that isn’t always the case at first!

Foundation problem signs and symptoms

  • Cracks in floors and walls
  • Uneven, sloping, or sagging floors
  • Bowing walls
  • Sticking windows and doors
  • Tilting chimneys

If you’ve noticed any of these signs around your home, it’s a good ideal to call in a professional from AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists before the situation gets any worse. We offer a full line of products for foundation repair, developed by our industry engineers. Some of these products include foundation piering, wall anchors and braces, crawl space support jacks, and more!

Additionally, we can also help with concrete lifting and leveling using the SettleStop Concretet Raising method. Some of the signs of concrete settlement are similar to those of foundation settlement, but you’ll usually see them in your sidewalk, driveway, patio, or even garage. When we come to inspect your home, we’ll determine the causes of all of the issues we see to get you the right solution.

Waterproof your home in Mobile, AL

If you’re concerned about any of your below-the-home spaces, AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists is the experienced, reliable basement waterproofing and foundation repair company to trust. We’ve won awards from organizations such as the BBB and HomeAdvisor that attest to our skill and service. Our fully trained and certified technicians are ready to get started on your wet basement repair, crawl space encapsulation, foundation repair, concrete lifting, or radon needs. Schedule a free estimate in or around Mobile, AL today!

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Work Requests from Mobile, AL

Bienville Avenue in Mobile
We have an offer pending on a home purchase. The home inspector recommended having a foundation specialist evaluate and provide a recommendation for an issue that he noted.

Old Government Street in Mobile
Older home with unlevel floors. Home has crawl space and need to see what would be involved to level or stabilize home.

Old Shell Rd in Mobile
Weatherproofing my crawl space to avoid further mold issues

White St in Mobile

Victoria Place S in Mobile
The crawl space under my house needs to be repaired

Stone Hedge Drive South in Mobile
Sunken & cracked concrete around pool apron

Woodcliff Dr S in Mobile

Selma St in Mobile
I live in an old house on piers. This recent cold weather has made us realize we need to do something. The floors are tile floors are frigid and downstairs never warms up. And we have a new gas furnace. My inlaws recently had their crawlspace encapsulated, and have noticed a difference in their comfort and gas bill. I have estimates for having insulation installed underneath the house, but think insulation will only address part of the problem

S. Pine St in Mobile
I need an estimate for repairs for my rental home in Mobile.

Levert Street in Mobile
We have hardwood floors that are cupping and warping and have mold in a closet and hall ceiling.

Byronell Drive North in Mobile
I’ve had a hot water leak into the floor and believe there is mold in the crawl space. The area is not dry, but I know the mold needs to be treated / removed. Do you do this kind of work?

Kenan St in Mobile
Old house… 1941. About to purchase. Inspectors suggested I️ get a vapor barrier. Smells moldy

Huntingdon Drive in Mobile
Roof leaking crackes in the sheetrock walls bricks has cracks on them out side on to different walls…… The house is up off the ground..

Zurich Street in Mobile

Branchwood Dr in Mobile
The patio around my pool has shifted and I would like to see how much it cost to get it leveled and how much work it takes

Bay Road in Mobile
Floor is warped and dropping in the spare bedroom and floor is shaky in the living room next to spare bedroom.

My home is beginning to lean. I have a raised floor home and it needs to be leveled out.

Oakview in Mobile
Water erosion under driveway, leading to potential cracking

Jeff Hamilton Rd in Mobile
Drainage issues with water in home

Woodlore Dr in Mobile
Cracks in roof now roof leaking and I want check foundation before I replace roof

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Structural Support in Mobile, AL

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