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Gutter Leaks and Home Damage

Gutters that leak can’t do their job properly, and the water that they are supposed to intercept can end up inside your home.

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It is vital for your home to have properly working water management systems. This includes gutters and downspouts. If there is a problem with one of these essential pieces, your home could sustain significant damage. Your first line of defense is your gutters, which are intended to collect excess rainwater and keep it away from your foundation with the help of attached downspouts and extensions. Gutters that leak or have other damage can’t do their job properly, and the water that they are supposed to intercept can end up inside your home. 

If you see water dripping or pouring down from over your gutters, make sure you contact the professional team at AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists as soon as possible. We can get to the root of any water management problems and repair them to better protect your home.

Why Your Gutters Are Leaking

It can be easy to take gutters for granted and not notice any problems with them until they can’t do their job as intended. Leaking gutters can be obvious as well as difficult to spot. Here are some reasons why your gutters may be leaking:

  • Clogs – Your gutters could be clogged by a variety of things, from leaves and twigs to animal nests and other debris. If the trough of your gutters is blocked and water cannot drain to the downspout, it has nowhere else to go but over the side and down onto your home. 
  • Holes – Holes could be punctured through the gutter by stray screws and roofing material, other debris noted above, animal and pest activity, and improper installation.  
  • Rust – Similarly, rust can form in your gutters, eat away at them, and lead to holes and other voids that will leak water. 
  • Gutter Joint Separation – Most gutters are installed in sections around the fascia board and are sealed or designed to lock together. These sections and joints can separate, usually due to excess weight like clogs, and cause water to leak through the gap. 

Damage Caused by Leaking Gutters

Water from any source can be hazardous, and here are some ways leaking gutters can impact your home: 

Attic Leaks and Damage

When your gutters are installed, they are attached to the fascia board under your roof. If there are any cracks or holes in your roof or adjoining attic, water from your gutters could leak inside the attic. This can damage anything you have stored there, as well as lead to excessive humidity and mold growth on various materials including insulation. 

Foundation Damage

Whether it’s a seemingly small leak or a significant overflow of water from the gutters, water from leaking gutters can flow down the side of your house and collect on or next to your foundation. This water needs somewhere to go, and it is usually soaked up through the typically well-drained silty loam soil throughout Chattanooga. But the area experiences frequent heavy rain throughout the year, and the overly saturated soil can lead to hydrostatic pressure that pushes against foundation walls. Foundation problems including wall cracks and leaks, wall bowing, floor heaving, sticking windows and doors, and more can result. 

Basement Leaks and Flooding

As we just described, hydrostatic pressure creates problems for your foundation affecting its stability, and the cracks created in the walls and floor can leak and lead to puddles and even flooding. One telltale sign that there is a problem with your gutters and downspouts is damage in a corner of your basement. Leaking water can leave behind stains, efflorescence, puddles, and lead to mold growth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where your gutter is leaking. Especially if it is clogged with various debris. One easy way to get an idea is to watch the gutter at work during a rainstorm. Spraying water inside with a hose or dumping a bucket of water also can help you look for where the leak is located. The latter can be particularly dangerous on your own, so it’s a good idea to have assistance from someone else.  

We urge you to use caution, and if there is any doubt at all, contact professionals like our team at AFS for assistance.

The right solution to fix a leaking gutter depends on the size of the leak and the overall condition of the gutter. Many homeowners opt for DIY fixes like patches, caulking, and other sealants. But these are not always the most effective or permanent solutions. By contacting AFS for guidance, we can inspect your gutters and determine the best solution for your home’s unique repair needs.

Trust AFS with Your Leaking Gutter Problems and Solutions

Gutter leaks can be tricky to find and fix. Problems around your home like foundation cracks and basement leaks could come from a variety of sources including leaking gutters. The only way to know for sure what you are up against is to have a professional inspection of your home. 

That’s where our expert team at AFS comes in. We will perform a thorough evaluation of the inside and outside of your home – including the gutters, foundation, and basement – and diagnose the source of the problems. We’ll then recommend quality solutions best suited for exactly what your home needs. Start the process today by contacting us to schedule a free inspection and repair estimate.

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