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Gaps Between the Gutters & the Roof

If you see gaps between your gutters and the roof, they could lead to a host of other issues in and around your home.

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Having a reliable gutter and downspout system to help with water management around your property is essential, especially with Chattanooga’s frequent rains and flooding events. These fixtures can sustain damage in a variety of ways and for many reasons. One type of problem you might see is gaps between the gutters and the roof. If you notice these gaps, your problematic gutters could lead to a host of other issues in and around your home. Don’t let gutter and roof gaps lead to water or structural damage. Contact the experienced professionals at AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists today to schedule a free inspection and repair estimate for your gutters and home. 

Why You Are Seeing Gutter and Roof Gaps 

Gaps between your gutters and the roof may have been part of the construction of your home, or caused by wear and tear, improper installation, and other damage.  

Builder’s Gap 

During your home’s construction, your gutters are hung on the fascia board. A “builder’s gap,” intended to help with attic airflow, is caused when roof decking is not flush with the fascia. This can allow pests and water to enter your home and cause various damages. Flashing or a drip edge can be used to seal this gap. 

Improper Installation 

Your gutters may not have been properly installed if there is a significant gap between them and the roof. They could be undersized, oversized, or missing gutter hangers and screws. They also could have gotten dented or bent if they were not handled with care. 

Sagging Gutters and Other Damage 

Your gutters also could be missing brackets or screws because of other damage. If they are full of leaves, twigs, and other debris, or have started to pull away from your home, water also could be sitting inside the gutters. This extra weight can lead to your gutters starting to sag and detach, leaving gaps between them and the roof. If this is the case, other problems you may start to notice include leaking or overflowing gutters and misaligned downspouts. 

No more Roof Gaps with the Aquaguard Gutter Solution

Schedule Free Inspection
Schedule Free Inspection
No more Roof Gaps with the Aquaguard Gutter Solution

How Gutter and Roof Gaps Affect Your Home 

As mentioned, gaps between the gutters and the roof can let pests large and small into your home. Water also can easily find its way inside and cause damage to your insulation, attic, and other areas of your home. 

If these gaps happen alongside a misaligned or sagging gutter, the water the gutter is supposed to collect ends up spilling over the side and next to your foundation. From there, it can easily seep inside your basement or crawl space and lead to water damage, structural damage, mold, increased humidity, and other issues. 

Gutter and roof gaps also affect the appearance of your home, which matters a great deal when you decide to sell your home. The unkempt look could be an instant turnoff to potential buyers, and your home’s value also could suffer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If the gap between a gutter and the roof is a builder’s gap that is meant to help with airflow throughout the attic, a drip edge or flashing can be used to close this gap. Gutters also may detach over time and leave a gap between the roof. Brackets can be added to reattach and realign the gutter, or if spikes and ferrules are used to keep your gutters in place, fascia hanger brackets can be added for extra security. If the gutter has sustained significant damage, it may need to be replaced altogether by a local gutter professional.

While it is generally easy enough to pick up flashing or a drip edge at a hardware store, the installation could be tricky. Any time your roof is involved in a repair project, it is best to leave it to experienced professionals. Your safety and that of your home are important, and trusted local gutter experts like our team at AFS know how to carefully and effectively inspect and repair your gutters.

Contact Us for Professional Gutter Assistance 

Gaps between your gutters and roof could be the result of many factors, and it’s important to pinpoint the exact cause to arrive at the best solution. What could appear to be a loose or misaligned gutter may be the result of a builder’s gap. It can be difficult to differentiate between the two, but we at AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists take the guesswork out of the equation. 

Our skilled, highly trained inspectors will complete a thorough evaluation of your home’s gutters along with the interior and exterior of your home to properly diagnose the problem and point out any potential future issues. We’ll provide you with a written estimate detailing the project and cost of repairs, and our meticulous crews efficiently and effectively install reliable solutions tailored to meet your home’s needs. 

If you notice a gap between your gutters and roof or other problems with your home’s gutters and water management systems, contact us today to schedule your free inspection and repair estimate

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