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Gutter Joint Separation

Not just harmful to your home’s foundation, gutter joint separation can also cause your roof and siding to become damaged as well. Here you can understand more about gutter joint separation.

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Over time, gutter joints can become separated, leading to leaks and an unsightly appearance. Usually, separated gutter joints occur as debris grows in your gutters, pressing down with increased weight. When water leaks from your gutters, it can pool around your home’s foundation, causing structural instability to your foundation or water damage to your crawl space and basement. AFS proudly provides gutter solutions to homeowners in Chattanooga.

Gutter separating at the joint
Color photo of a bad gutter with holes and broken downspout.

Why Are My Gutter Joints Separating? 

Joint separation is primarily due to three main causes, poorly maintained gutters, improperly installed gutters, and gutter blockages. Blockages cause weight to build up in your gutter, both from trapped water and debris like leaves or branches. Ultimately, this increased weight causes your gutter to detach at the joints. Rust on poorly maintained gutters can also weaken the joints, leading to breakage. Additionally, improperly installed gutters can also lead to joint separation. Thankfully, these issues can all be remedied by our expert team at AFS and we offer free inspections. One of our specialists will be able to identify gutter problems at your home at no cost to you!

Gutter Blockages

Many objects can get trapped in your gutters, including leaves, ice, and or trash. Debris causes water to become blocked and overflow into your yard. For this reason, it is important to keep your gutters clean and free of any debris. While homeowners maintain other parts of their home’s exteriors, gutters are often an overlooked component. Along with a standard inspection of your home, be sure to thoroughly check and clean your gutters of any gathered debris. This prevents your gutter’s joints from breaking and separating, and by extension, prevents water from damaging your home.

Old, Damaged Gutters

Another thing that can cause gutter joint separation is damage sustained over time. Gutters, especially metal ones, are susceptible to rusting. This can weaken the gutter’s joints, causing them to break. Rust might even cause an entire section of your gutter to break, allowing water to fall through the space directly onto your home’s foundation. If left unchecked, water will continue to pool and cause structural damage to the foundation. Keeping your gutters well maintained and repaired is one way to avoid separated joists.

Improper Installation

If gutters have not been installed properly, this can cause the joints to be attached incorrectly. This is especially prevalent when homeowners attempt a DIY installation, or trust installation to be handled by a run-of-the-mill contractor. Rest assured, our staff is equipped with the expertise and equipment needed to properly install, repair, and maintain your gutters. 

No more Joint separation with the AquaGuard Gutter Solution

Schedule Free Inspection
Schedule Free Inspection
No more Joint separation with the AquaGuard Gutter Solution

Frequently Asked Questions – Gutter Joints

A gutter joint is the seam that holds two pieces of a gutter together. They may be connected by caulk, rivets, sealants, or by just pushing them together. If your gutter’s joints become separated, major problems may occur such as water damage to your foundation and basement.

It is especially important to evaluate and maintain your gutter’s joints, as they are a major part of your gutter’s structural integrity. If your gutter joints fail, then your gutters can begin to slope downward and drain water directly onto your home and its foundation.

At AFS, we are equipped with skilled technicians that can assess your problem and find the best solution for you. We have all the tools and innovative solutions to effectively resolve your issue, so you can rest assured that the job has been done right! 

Regularly inspecting your gutters and ensuring they are free of blockages or rust is the key to preventing your gutters from separating at their joints. Old, rusted pipes cause your gutter joints to break and crack, while weight from debris can put unnecessary stress on gutter joints. At AFS, you can trust our skilled technicians to thoroughly assess your home from top to bottom. We provide FREE inspections at NO obligation to you, so contact us today if you suspect there is a problem with your gutters!

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