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Gutter Pests

Pests can be an extremely unnerving issue when you see them in and around your home. If you hear commotion coming from your gutters or downspout, you could be dealing with a gutter pest problem. 

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When pine, conifer, oak, or willow trees shed and clog your gutter, they make a happy home for pests like wasps and bees, chipmunks, opossums, birds, mosquitoes, gnats, and more. Learn about pests that nest in your Chattanooga gutters.  

Gutter Pests Found in Chattanooga 

The southeastern United States is no stranger to sweltering summers… and springs and falls. With this hot weather and thick-as-thistles humidity, pests can thrive throughout the year. Here are a few that are most common to your area, and what they do to burrow in your gutter.  

Wasps, Bees, and Stinging Bugs 

Stinging bugs that build nests in high places tend to be attracted to wet, dank gutters because it provides a safe place to build hives. Just as the moisture attracts the stinging bugs themselves, it also attracts other insects and spiders, which wasps are known to feed on. You may notice this problem building up if you are consistently bothered by wasps always being around your front doors or garage doors.  

Rats and Mice 

It’s extremely easy for rats and mice to climb up your house or downspout just to burrow inside of your gutter. You may notice their presence by the sound of rumbling in your gutters, and pest droppings appearing in your gutter and at the bottom of your downspout. These may be the most unnerving pests to find in your gutter, and it may be best to call in animal control or an exterminator.  


Opossums can find their way into your gutter, and when they do, you’ll know it. As one of the biggest pests that take root in gutters, you’ll notice when they’ve climbed up to your gutters because they may leave damage to your home and downspout in their paths. They’re also relatively heavy to be nestled up on your gutter, so they may also weigh down your gutters, ultimately breaking them. Opossums can also be aggressive, so you’ll want to make sure you reach out to a professional about removing them.  


Birds commonly develop nests inside of gutters, because when they’re clogged, half of the work of building the nest is already done. The insulated corners of the gutters create a perfect spot for birds to hide out. When this happens, your gutters will clog, and rainwater will spill over the side or weigh your gutter down.  


While gnats are specifically common in Georgia, they can still be an issue all over the south, and poorly functioning gutters are their perfect gathering spot. As water builds up in your gutters and sits idle, gnats will gather as the water becomes murkier. Having a gnat infestation can make your yard or porch extremely inhospitable. 

Keep Pests out of your gutters with the Aquaguard Gutter Solution

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Keep Pests out of your gutters with the Aquaguard Gutter Solution

Frequently Asked Questions – Gutter Pests

For a legitimate rodent infestation within your gutters, we recommend calling your local exterminator or pest control. To prevent future pest infestations, it’s vital to consistently inspect your gutters for pests, typically in the two to four times a year you clean them out. You’ll also want to make your home clean on the outside by making sure trash cans are covered, your trees are trimmed down, compost piles are at a safe distance from the gutter, and rotting foliage is cleared as well.

Gutter spikes are a common method of attaching gutters to homes. You’ll see the nails poking out of the front of the gutter if you have gutter spikes. Gutter spikes can come loose for the same reasons that many other gutter issues occur: they’re weighed down by debris, pests, poor function, or harsh weather. Gutter hangers are the more modern way of attaching gutters. You’ll find that many homes built 10-15 years ago typically have gutters attached with gutter spikes.

There are many reasons why your gutters might be making noise. An extremely common reason tends to be the material that your gutter downspout is made from. Metal gutter downspouts can knock against your home during heavy rain. You may be able to mitigate this by replacing your metal downspouts with plastic, which can create less noise.  

Pests are also another common reason for a stir in your gutters. As they build nests or crawl around in your gutters, you may hear them knocking around.

AFS Can Help Fortify Your Gutters to Prevent Pests  

We’re southern grown, and we know about southern critters. We’re not pest control, but we can help you strengthen your gutters so you don’t have to call pest control. With the most innovative gutter technology, you can count on permanent gutter solutions and regular maintenance that won’t break the bank.  

Since 2000, we’ve been your trusted gutter and foundation experts; we’re proud to offer a free inspection of your entire home, so our experts can get to the root of your problem. We deal in permanent home repair and gutter protection, so you are paying for the right repairs, the first time. We also offer no-obligation quotes for all our services, because you deserve to make the decision about how to fix your home. Booking your free inspection with us only takes a minute. Just fill out this form or call us today!  

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