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Downspout Extensions for your Chattanooga Home

Did you know that drained water from your gutters can cause foundation damage? For this reason, downspout extensions are an important tool for any homeowner.

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Gutters serve an important purpose for any home — they capture water and drain it away from the structure through downspouts. Unfortunately, some downspouts empty water too close to the home and it is absorbed into the soil near the foundation. Water can cause soil to break down, settle, and become too weak to support the weight of a home’s foundation. Over time, water can rot a crawl space, leak into a basement, or cause a concrete slab to crack. Downspout extensions can move water further away from your foundation and save your home.  

Choosing the Right Downspout Extension

When it comes to installing a downspout extension, you’ll have a few things to consider such as the amount of rainfall your area receives, whether your home is located at the top or bottom of an incline, and your aesthetic preferences.  

What you can be sure of is that AFS offers an underground downspout extension that can move water anywhere from 10-50 feet away from your home. Our team digs a small trench to place the extension further from your house, and then installs a Pop-Up exit for the water to escape through. We’ll make sure the installation process fits all your individual needs as well. 

Why Downspout Extensions are Important

When gutters and downspouts are poorly installed or not functioning effectively, water can cause damage to your foundation. Beyond foundation damage, your home could face roof damage, wall damage, or flooding in extreme circumstances.  

Look out for rotting, cracked, or improperly placed downspouts around your property. If you notice any, consider installing an extension, as it can save your home and keep you safe.

Quick Tips on Downspout Extensions

DIY Might Cause More Issues

You may be tempted to install a downspout extension on your own, but we highly recommend against it. While you may have the tools to do the job, any misstep in the process could result in even worse water damage.  

Faulty installation, improper drain materials, and a poorly dug trench can all cause further problems. Our team is trained to get the job right every single time. Let us handle the hard work so you can focus on your everyday routines.

How to Prevent Water Damage

Once your downspout extension is installed, what else can you do to prevent water damage from your gutters? One option is to replace any old gutters around your home. Make sure to provide regular maintenance to your gutter system so that it can last as long as possible.  

Another option is to consider using foundation repair methods. These tools prevent more foundation damage from occurring in the future. AFS has plenty of options to choose from no matter if your home has a crawl space, basement, or concrete slab foundation.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When too much water seeps into the ground, it can cause a phenomenon known as soil washout. Essentially, this is when water washes soil away and erodes it to the point that it becomes muddy or weak. After too much water has impacted the soil, your foundation sinks into the unsupportive ground.

It all depends on your specific property. Depending on whether you are located at the bottom of a hill or the top, what type of soil you have, and how big your house is can affect downspout length. However, most downspouts will move water between 10-50 feet away from your home.

You can look for a few basic signs that you may need full gutter replacements. Be aware of rotting, peeling, cracking, or mildew. All of these are signs that your gutters are failing or close to failing completely. Don’t wait too long, as damaged gutters can cause major issues beyond foundation damage.

Get a Professional Solution

At the moment, AFS is only offering gutter services in Chattanooga. If you are experiencing gutter issues or foundation damage around your Chattanooga home, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free inspection. Plus, if you have more questions about gutters or foundation services, continue exploring our website.  

Our team of experts is committed to solving the problems affecting your home. At AFS, we pride ourselves on fast service, responsive customer service, and a quality job every time! 

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