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6 Guidelines for Taking Care of Your Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can keep the moisture levels in your basement under control. However, you need to follow these guidelines to keep it in good shape.

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If you have a problem with moisture in your basement or your crawl space, investing in a dehumidifier is a great option. This appliance controls the level of humidity and can keep your basement or crawl space dry. Although it is not designed to dry out your home after flooding, it is a great line of defense against moisture. 

If you maintain it properly, a quality dehumidifier will serve you for years to come. If you are not sure how to take care of your dehumidifier, here is a list of things you should pay attention to. 

maintaining your dehumidifier

Dehumidifier Placement 

If you wish to use your dehumidifier for years to come, you should make sure it is put in a suitable place. You should make sure that this appliance is not blocked in any way and has easy access to the majority of your basement or the crawl space, depending on which area you wish to clear out. You should also consider lifting your dehumidifier off the ground. This way your appliance won’t get damaged in case there is standing water in that area. 

Checking the Bucket 

When a dehumidifier removes the moisture from the air, it condenses it and stores it in its bucket. Nowadays, modern dehumidifiers will shut down when the bucket is full, so you don’t have to worry about overflowing. However, this opens the possibility for another problem. If you haven’t emptied the bucket in a while, it is possible that it is full, and that your dehumidifier is therefore not working. If it hasn’t been working for some time, the moisture levels in your basement or crawl space could have gone up and caused damage. This is why you should regularly empty the bucket, and also clean it with soap and water to remove any mold particles from it. 

If you are worried that you won’t remember to empty the bucket, you should invest in a self-draining dehumidifier that automatically drains collected moisture and water into a sump pump system. This way you can be at ease knowing your appliance won’t shut down without you knowing it. 

Changing and Cleaning the Filter 

You should also clean and change the filters so your dehumidifier can work properly. The main purpose of the filters is to remove the debris particles from the air and keep them in the machine. This way the contaminated air won’t circulate back into your home. Since these filters collect the debris particles, you should check them every few weeks to see that they are not full. 

Although you can buy spare filters in your local store in the Mobile, AL, area, you should consult with your professional contractor and see that they install and maintain all the dehumidifier pieces. 

Check the Humidistat 

Nowadays, most dehumidifiers are equipped with humidistats that help you keep track of their energy output. Like other appliances in your home that are designed to control the temperature, dehumidifiers can overwork as well. If you keep it turned on for very long periods of time or at high speeds, your dehumidifier might malfunction. Therefore, make sure you check the humidistat from time to time to see whether your appliance needs a break. 

Look Over Your Coils 

Your dehumidifier uses internal coils to remove the moisture from the air. However, these coils are sensitive to that moisture and could be damaged if you do not pay attention. To keep them safe, you should keep your dehumidifier in a space where temperatures do not go below 60°F. This way, they won’t freeze and the moisture in the appliance won’t cause any damage. You should also make sure that the coils do not drown. As mentioned, you should keep the dehumidifier someplace where it is elevated. This way if there is any standing water in your basement or crawl space, it won’t be able to damage the mechanism. 

Ask for Help When Something Is Wrong 

Even if you take perfectly good care of your appliance, there may come a time where things will start to go south. If you have noticed that your dehumidifier is just not working as well as it used to, and the moisture levels in your basement or crawl space are higher than usual, do not hesitate to contact experts serving Mobile, AL, and ask for professional guidance. A skilled contractor can come to your home, inspect the appliance and determine the problem. 

If you do not wish to maintain your dehumidifier by yourself and you worry that you might cause more harm than good, do not worry. Simply sign up for regular maintenance. Your contractor can provide preventive care and maintenance on all products installed by AFS. A professional will inspect the dehumidifier, see if everything is in order, change the filters and check the state of your basement or the crawl space. In addition, a contractor could also inspect your home and determine whether there is any water damage you should worry about. 

A dehumidifier is a great addition to your line of defense against water damage. However, it cannot hold down the fort on its own. If you wish to learn more about other waterproofing systems AFS offers, do not hesitate to schedule a free inspection and learn all about the services that could ensure the health of your home. 

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