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AFS Repair in Huntsville, AL

Crawl Space & Foundation Repair in Huntsville, AL

Water and humidity in your home can lead to structural and health issues that impact your family’s safety. AFS has the best permanent solutions tailored to your Huntsville home’s exact repair and protection needs.

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AFS Foundation & Waterproofing
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Award-Winning Solutions in Huntsville

AFS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Specialists (AFS), a Groundworks Company, specializes in helping homeowners with their foundation repair, waterproofing, and concrete needs. Our top priority is providing high-quality home repair solutions and personalized service across Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, and Tennessee. With fully trained technicians, industry-leading products, and nationally backed warranties, AFS is here to restore your basement, foundation, or crawl space.

The AFS Repair Process

Schedule Free Inspection

One of our contact center representatives will reach out to you to determine your problem and set the best time for one of our certified field inspectors to visit your home.

Consult with Our Certified Inspector

Our certified field inspector will visit your home to observe the problems in your home and inspect other areas of your home that may have been impacted.

Installation of Customized Solutions

Our professional production crew installs patented, American-made solutions in each home with care and strives to leave the area better than we found it.

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Why Homeowners Choose AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists

Since 2000, AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists – A Groundworks Company – has specialized in helping homeowners permanently repair and protect their homes with quality solutions. Our basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space repair and encapsulation, and concrete lifting and leveling services and solutions have been trusted by homeowners in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, and Mississippi for more than 20 years. 

Our highly trained, experienced, and friendly staff of more than 250 employees will treat your home as their own because we know how important it is to you, and we will help you protect your home for a lifetime. Experience our high-quality work and personalized service for yourself by contacting us today to book a free inspection and estimate. 


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Our Services for You

crew picking up helical pier

Foundation Repair in Huntsville

For your home to remain standing and function properly, it needs a strong foundation. However, foundations throughout Huntsville and northern Alabama often sustain damage in the form of settling, cracking walls, bowing walls, uneven floors, cracked floor slabs, and more. Generally, this is because of the silty and clay soils many foundations in the are are built on. The ground can become unstable for a number of reasons, including poor compaction, invasive tree roots, shrinkage during a drought, or expansion after heavy rain (of which Huntsville receives about 55 inches annually). To permanently protect your foundation from these issues, AFS provides specially engineered solutions like pier systems, crawl space supports, wall anchors, and more. 

worker doing crawl space repair by installing crawl space jacks

Crawl Space Repair in Huntsville

When floor joists within the crawl space begin to rot, they lose their structural integrity, leading to sagging or instability felt in the floors above. In Huntsville, this often happens due to long-term moisture exposure in the crawl space. Crawl space repair addresses this by offering a way to fix the root cause of the problem. Crawl space jacks are specifically designed to support and lift sagging floor joists. These jacks help restore the structural support of the floor, reducing or eliminating the sagging or bouncing sensation.

Worker waterproofing crawlspace with vapor barrier

Crawl Space Waterproofing in Huntsville, AL

Unsealed crawl spaces can harbor hazards that jeopardize a home’s safety and a family’s well-being. These hazards may include stagnant water, mold growth, and wood decay, especially in areas like Huntsville. Crawl space encapsulation is an effective solution to these problems. Professional encapsulation can address structural issues and improve the living environment. Vapor barriers, crawl space drainage and sump pumps all offer lasting protection from moisture issues in Huntsville crawl spaces.

AFS crew member installing basement gutters.

Basement Waterproofing in Huntsville

Many more homes throughout Huntsville have a full basement rather than a crawl space. Basements are susceptible to similar problems, but in different ways. More than 50 inches of rain fall in Huntsville throughout the year, saturating the various silty and clay soils common in the area. Hydrostatic pressure builds in these wet soils, pushes against basement walls, and leads to cracks and leaks. Other common basement problems include faulty sump pumps, leaking water heaters, mold growth, musty odors, efflorescence, condensation, wet walls and floors, and flooding. Permanent, customizable repairs only available from AFS such as interior drainage, sump pumps, wall vapor barriers, and dehumidifiers will put an end to these basement issues for good. 

AFS crew member conducting a PolyRenewal injection into concrete slab.

Concrete Lifting & Leveling in Huntsville

Concrete is the main material in many areas of your property like the sidewalk, driveway, outside steps, or pool deck. Just like your foundation, concrete structures around your property must have a sturdy base underneath them—the soil. Without sturdy ground, concrete can’t hold it’s form for very long. Unfortunately, Huntsville’s silt and clay soils can easily be eroded and weakaned since the area receives an above average amount of rain nearly every year. Wet soil fails to properly support the concrete slabs (as does dry and shrinking soil). If the soil can’t hold up concrete, the heavy weight of concrete structures caused them to crack and sink, leaving behind ugly, uneven, and unsafe slabs. These problems be fixed and prevented with AFS’ innovative, non-invasive, quick curing concrete lifting and leveling solution: PolyRenewal™ polyurethane injections. This material fills voids in the soil, compacts soil as it expands, and cures just 15 minutes after installation. Concrete is lifted back to a safe position with a relatively simple and non-invasive process!

worker repairing concrete driveway by leveling

Driveway Repair in Huntsville, AL

Damaged driveways, characterized by cracks, potholes, and uneven surfaces, can pose risks to both individuals and vehicles in Huntsville. Neglecting these issues can lead to more severe structural problems, potentially increasing repair costs in the long run. Cracks and uneven surfaces on driveways create tripping hazards, increasing the likelihood of falls and injuries. Potholes and uneven pavement can damage vehicles, resulting in costly repairs. Polyurethane foam injections can lift, level and stabilize severely cracked or sunken driveways.

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If you are looking to encapsulate your crawl space, we recommend that you contact a professional to undertake the process on your behalf. This is far more effective and efficient. Trying to go it alone could have disastrous consequences. 

DIY Encapsulation Can Go Wrong 

Waterproofing and encapsulation are straightforward processes, but that doesn’t mean this is an easy task that should be undertaken by just anyone. This process can go wrong very quickly and will cause serious issues when it does. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made is to skip the inspection phase or to fail to inspect homes thoroughly. In order for encapsulation to be successful, it is important that you diagnose all damage and repair it. 

If you do not notice and repair all structural and internal damage, you will either cover up the warning signs or create an environment that traps moisture and incubates any spores that find their way inside. When this happens, the process of things like wood rot will be accelerated. Worse still, the signs of structural damage or underlying issues will be covered up until they cause some form of collapse in the wider structure of your home. 

Professionals Have the Right Skills 

As well as having the ability to diagnose all underlying and co-occurring issues, professionals have the tools and skills to repair things like foundation damage and wood rot in a safe and effective manner. This means that by the time they start encapsulating your crawl space, your home will be in better condition than before they arrived. This guarantees that your waterproofing and encapsulation will be more durable in the long run.

Along with a good gutter and downspout system, there are other things you can invest in to improve your home’s drainage. Downspout extensions at least 10 feet long should be attached to the bottom of downspouts to properly move water away from the foundation. Extensions also can be placed in the ground to improve safety and appearance. 

The slope or grade of the soil and landscaping around your home also is extremely important. There must be a positive grade so water moves down and away from the foundation. Otherwise, with a negative grade, water will move down and towards the foundation and then lead to problems like leaks and wall cracks.

If you have started to notice a lean, tilt, or buckling in some of your basement walls, then there are several issues that could be at work. Broadly speaking, however, the most common causes of bowing walls in any basement are hydrostatic pressure and foundation damage. 

Hydrostatic Pressure 

Hydrostatic pressure is a natural phenomenon caused by the weight of the water in the soil around a property. All homes are subject to hydrostatic pressure, and all homes are designed to withstand it. Of course, even the best designed property has a threshold for pressure. When hydrostatic pressure becomes too great for a home, it can cause bowing walls. This happens because of how it exerts lateral pressure. 

Most basement walls are made of concrete, and concrete has a low tensile strength when compared to its compressive strength. Hydrostatic pressure tests its tensile strength by exerting lateral pressure, which is the main cause of a bowing wall. Many things can increase hydrostatic pressure around a home including poor drainage, heavy rainfall, underground water sources, and localized flooding. 

Foundation Damage and Movement 

Alternatively, bowing walls can be caused by foundation damage and movement. When this happens, it occurs because of the direct connection between basement walls and a property’s foundation. Any sinking, lateral movement, or fragmentation in the foundation can lead to an excess of pressure or a lack of support to the basement walls. This will then cause bowing, leaning, or buckling over time. Foundation movement and damage are also highly influenced by soil saturation. 

Sudden flooding, heavy storms, or poor perimeter drainage can all contribute to foundation movement by making the soil unstable, marshy, or weak. In the cases of serious and dramatic flooding (for example, during a storm surge), the force of water hitting a home can also cause foundation movement. Any movement in your property’s structure poses a risk of cracking, fragmentation, and destabilization over time. 

If you’re a handy person and you’ve fixed many things around your home by yourself, you might look at a settled slab and think you’re up for the challenge. However, concrete lifting isn’t a simple repair job—It requires a lot of knowledge and specialized tools to do the job right. The first thing you have to understand is that it’s not a one-man job. Concrete slabs are heavy, and you’ll need assistance in order to lift them enough to fill them with material. Handling heavy concrete is very difficult and dangerous and you can either seriously injure yourself or simply break the concrete and have to replace it anyway.

The second thing you should realize is that you won’t be able to obtain the right materials to do the job properly. Traditionally, contractors use cement to lift concrete slabs. Buying and making a cement mixture is pretty easy, but it’s not the best way to lift concrete slabs. Cement is too heavy and compresses the soil even further, eventually making the settling worse. What you need is polyurethane injections to put an end to the settling.

Polyurethane foam that’s used in concrete lifting is better than mudjacking because polyurethane foam is an inert material that neither places pressure on soil or erodes with water. It cures in 15 minutes and most concrete lifting jobs with the foam can be done in less than a day. AFS contractors are the only ones who can inject this specific foam with the care and expertise your slab requires. As tempting as it may be to try to do it all yourself, you should sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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