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10 Reasons to Stop Putting Off Your Foundation Repair

Are you delaying your foundation repair? You may be making your problems much worse – and more expensive.

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It can be tempting to put off home repairs until it’s “more convenient.” The longer you leave a damaged foundation be, however, the worse that damage is going to get. Here are 10 reasons you should stop waiting and start investing in the repairs your foundation needs.

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Your Foundation May Suffer from Additional Water Damage 

Water damage in your foundation begets additional water damage. The sooner you’re able to act on a leak you’ve found in your home, the sooner you’ll be able to mitigate any additional flooding that might show up later on. 

You May Lose Out on A House Loan 

Banks are often less enthusiastic to financially support a buyer who’s looking to purchase a home with a damaged foundation or who wants to take a second mortgage out on a home with a damaged foundation. If it comes out that your home is in poor condition, you may not be able to get the financial support you need later on. 

Your Energy Bill Will Increase 

A damaged foundation can’t keep warm or cool air in your home as well as a foundation that’s in one piece. The longer you leave your foundation damage be, the more likely it is that your electric bill will start to rise. 

Your Water Bill Will Rise 

In a similar vein, a damaged foundation can bring about conditions in your home that beget additional damage, including leaking pipes. If you find yourself dealing with leaking pipes or other, similar kinds of damage, your water bill is going to rise. 

You Risk Infestation 

If your foundation has suffered from damage, it’s going to let more moisture into your home. If moisture can get into your home, animals and insects can as well. A damaged foundation is a doorway for infestations. As animals and insects start to make their way into your home, they can damage your walls, wires, and other utilities, making your home even more difficult to live in. 

Mold and Wood Rot May Move In 

Mold and wood rot are not the same thing, but both can wreak havoc on your home. While neither of these sources enters your home via flooding, they’ll become more common if you let damage in your foundation sit for an extended period of time. The moisture a damaged foundation allows into your home lends itself to the growth of both of these spores and fungi—and if you choose to ignore this growth, you may have serious foundation damage to contend with alongside conditions that put your health at risk. 

Your Basement or Crawl Space May Show Signs of Damage 

Your foundation is called a “foundation” for a reason. It supports your basement and/or your crawl space, depending on which one you have. If you leave your foundation damaged for an extended period of time, then that damage will start to appear first in your basement or crawl space and then in the rest of your home. 

The Value of Your Home Will Decline 

As all this damage appears in your home, it’s going to grow less pleasant to stay on your property. The value of your home is also going to rapidly decline. If you leave a damaged foundation be, especially if you want to sell your home, then you’re not going to be able to take in as much money as you spent when you first bought the property. 

Repairs Are More Expensive Down the Line 

Unfortunately, water damage does not go away over time. The longer you wait to repair your foundation, the worse the damage is going to get. Before long, you may end up dealing with a sinking foundation instead of a minor crack. Not only is that extremely stressful, but it can also be extremely expensive. If you’re looking to save money on your repairs, it’s always in your best interest to try and handle any damage to your home as soon as possible. 

Any DIY Repairs are Ill-Advised 

In the same vein, if you are putting off repairs simply because you want to do them yourself, but you haven’t gotten around to them, this is not a good approach. There are many reasons why you should not attempt DIY foundation repairs including the expense, difficulty obtaining the right solutions and tools, and potential mistakes and safety concerns. There’s also a chance you could accidentally mask the real issues. Instead, it is best to reach out to an experienced foundation repair professional

Get in Touch with Professionals ASAP 

Looking for help repairing a faulty foundation? You can reach out to the professional contractors in the Chattanooga, TN, area. The experts at AFS can provide you with a free foundation inspection and repair quote and help you determine how you can best restore your home’s value.


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