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WallSeal™ Basement Wall Vapor Barrier 

Experiencing damp and musty basements does not have to be a “normal” part of life. Such conditions can pose serious risks to both health and safety. But with basement wall vapor barriers (and other waterproofing measures), moisture can be kept at bay.   

As a leader in basement waterproofing, AFS installs the WallSeal™ Basement Wall Vapor Barrier to safeguard your home against potential water damage. Explore this page to delve deeper into resolving your basement moisture problems effectively. 

What is the WallSeal™ Vapor Barrier? 

The WallSeal™ Vapor Barrier is a state-of-the-art, 12-mil thick barrier meticulously engineered to halt moisture intrusion in your basement walls. 

Permanently affixed to the walls, it channels any leakage down into our interior drainage system, providing immediate respite from damp walls. Able to integrate with wall finishes, it plays a pivotal role in our comprehensive basement waterproofing system. 

When synchronized with other basement waterproofing solutions, such as sump pumps and dehumidifiers, it establishes a protective system that elevates your property value and shields your investment. 

Signs You Need a Basement Wall Vapor Barrier 

Consider a vapor barrier imperative if you observe the following issues in your basement: 

Neglecting or postponing repair for these signs may result in structural compromise and health hazards, necessitating prompt and professional intervention like that offered by AFS. 

Is a Basement Wall Vapor Barrier Necessary? 

Absolutely, a basement wall vapor barrier is pivotal for a holistic approach to basement waterproofing. 

Even seemingly intact walls can, over time, allow moisture to permeate due to the porous nature of concrete. This unseen moisture manifests as the dampness indicators mentioned above, which is why it’s important to understand how to identify if you need basement waterproofing. 

Delaying action increases damage and subsequent repair complexity and cost. Act immediately by incorporating a vapor barrier. WallSeal™ Vapor Barrier is integral to our whole-home solution, ensuring a dry and healthy environment throughout your living space. 

What Are the Benefits of the WallSeal™ Vapor Barrier? 

Our robust vapor barrier brings forth several benefits: 

  • Durable Protection: Crafted from premium materials ensuring dependable, lasting defense. 
  • Healthier Living Conditions: Curtails humidity and thwarts mold formation, promoting a healthier home. 
  • Odor Elimination: Blocks moisture ingress and water vapor, eliminating damp and musty odors, especially when used with a dehumidifier, refining the air quality of your basement. 
  • Property Value Enhancement: A well-maintained, dry basement notably augments your property’s market value. 
  • Protection for Personal Items: Protects storage items, valuables, and wood from damp-induced damage. 

For optimal results, proper installation by our certified technicians is imperative, utilizing the innovative products and methods developed by AFS to ensure a dry and safe basement. 

How the WallSeal™ Vapor Barrier Works 

Upon inspection by an AFS expert, and when deemed necessary, the WallSeal™ Vapor Barrier is installed as part of our holistic basement waterproofing solutions. 

This process encompasses: 

  • Step 1: Wall cleaning and preparation. 
  • Step 2: Secure attachment of WallSeal™ sheets to walls. 
  • Step 3: Installation of interior drainage and other components. 
  • Step 4: Positioning a sump pump at the basement’s lowest point. 
  • Step 5: Connecting interior drainage to the sump pump. 
  • Step 6: Installing a basement dehumidifier

A correctly installed system ensures that any water leakage is directed behind the vapor barrier, into the interior drainage system, and ultimately removed by the sump pump, with the dehumidifier addressing any residual moisture. 

Why Our Basement Wall Vapor Barrier is the Best Choice for Your Home 

The uniqueness of WallSeal™ Vapor Barrier lies in: 

  • Its superior quality, 12-mil thickness providing optimal moisture protection. 
  • Mold-resistant and waterproof properties. 
  • Permanent wall adhesion to counteract leaks. 
  • Integration with our full waterproofing system. 
  • Comprehensive warranty protection and available annual maintenance plans

Conventional vapor barriers from retailers are thin and ineffective, unable to target the root cause of basement moisture. WallSeal™, an exclusive AFS product, is assured to assist in maintaining a dry basement. 

Contact AFS for Basement Wall Vapor Barrier Solutions Today! 

Say goodbye to damp, uncomfortable basements. Upgrade your home with WallSeal™ and our complete basement waterproofing solutions from AFS. Reach out for a free, no-commitment inspection and quote today. 

With years of dedicated service, AFS has been aiding homeowners in maintaining and protecting their basements effectively. Our customer service and proprietary solutions are unmatched. Trust us to rejuvenate your home’s wellbeing and your peace of mind. 


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