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The Top 6 Products for Effective Basement Waterproofing

These 6 products will help you keep your home safe and dry, no matter how wet and wild the weather gets!

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Waterproofing a basement is not a new concept, but it would be pointless to deny that we, as a society, are far better at keeping Mother Nature out of our homes than we have ever been. From air filtration and HVAC systems to protective insulation and drainage options, homeowners are somewhat spoiled for choice these days. Of course, getting the right products for your home is all-important if you are to effectively protect your home. 

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The 6 Best Waterproofing Products for Your Home 

Each of these waterproofing products works in a unique way to protect a property once it has been installed. When installed in varying combinations, these products can help you protect your home from avoidable flooding and damage as a result of dampness. 

1. Interior Drains 

Interior drains, sometimes called perimeter drains, are one of the most effective and subtle basement waterproofing measures available. Because of the way they are installed around the perimeter of a room, just underneath the basement floor and level with the ground, they are effective in collecting water that seeps into a property. Once they collect water, they will whisk it away to the sump pump before it has a chance to damage any belongings in your basement.  

2. Sump Pumps 

A quality sump pump is a huge part of any basement waterproofing system, and these appliances are some of the most common waterproofing measures in the U.S. today. Once water collected from the interior drainage system is channeled to the sump pump, this device works to effectively remove the water from your basement. Our sump pumps are durable, powerful, and energy efficient. 

3. Backup Sump Pumps 

While it may seem superfluous, installing a backup sump pump can make all the difference in a big storm. If adverse weather or another accident or mishap causes your home to lose power, a backup sump pump with its own secondary power source will ensure your home stays dry no matter what happens. 

4. Vapor Barriers 

A vapor barrier is one of the most effective yet simple solutions when it comes to keeping your home free from dampness and all the problems it can cause. Vapor barriers are typically used in crawl space encapsulations, but they have other practical uses in other areas like the basement as well. By putting a durable, waterproof, mold-resistant layer between your property and the outside world, you will ensure that the inside of your basement is clean, dry, and healthy. 

5. Dehumidifiers 

Adding a dehumidifier to your basement once water removal solutions have been installed is a great choice. While these appliances are often installed last, they are hugely, perhaps disproportionately, important to the health of your basement. This is because of the role it plays in removing moisture from the air and preventing the formation of mold. A good dehumidifier will also prevent condensation from forming in your basement. 

6. Water-Resistant Wall Panels 

Plastic water-resistant wall panels are a good option for basements with unfinished walls. Not only will they control water intrusion and dampness, but they can also inhibit rot and mold formation in your basement. Better still, they do all of this while providing a flawless, smooth surface that is both durable and washable. 

Of course, if you are looking to get the best solutions unique to your basement Nashville, TN, home’s waterproofing needs, you should always consult a professional first. You can reach out to a local expert at AFS for a free inspection and repair quote and get started right away. 

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