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Sump Pump System

Patented sump pump systems installed by certified waterproofing contractors.

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When you have a perimeter drainage system installed in your home, your sump pump is your main line of defense against a basement flood. If you can’t count on your sump system to be powerful or reliable enough, then you can’t count on a dry basement. And what good is the space if it gets wet?

At AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists, we install only the best sump pump systems available anywhere in the Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi. We have an answer to clogging sump pumps, power failures, torrential rainfall, and much more!

We service Huntsville, Birmingham, Nashville, Chattanooga, Columbus, Biloxi and nearby. We can help you dry your basement! For a free sump pump system quote, call or e-mail us today!

Complete Crawlspace Sump Pump

Our Sump Pump Systems

Our sump pump systems include the following features:

  • Water Alarm: Sounds off to let you know if water has risen past the point where the pumps should have turned on.
  • Sump Pump Liner: Large enough to keep your sump pump working properly without turning on and off repeatedly, but not so large that your liner goes too deep, making your sump pump wear out prematurely as it pumps out unnecessary water.
  • Airtight Sump Lid: An airtight lid keeps odors and humidity out while protecting your sump from debris from the basement floor. Rubber grommets around all pipes and wires help maintain the airtight lid and also help to keep all PVC pipes steady and quiet.
  • Pump Stands: These sump pump stands are installed to raise the pumps off of the bottom of the liner. Any silt or sediment that settles on the bottom of your sump pit will be kept away from your pump. These stands also allow for height adjustment of the pump if necessary.
AquaStop Sump Pump Systems

At AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists, we offer three different sump pump systems: the AquaStop Triple, AquaStop Sump Pump System, and AquaStop Compact.

AquaStop Triple Complete Sump Pump System

Our most reliable sump pump system, the AquaStop Triple Sump Pump System, provides three levels of protection for your basement and your peace of mind.

For normal functioning, the AquaStop Triple has a powerful sump pump set at the lowest level. For heavy volumes of water or in case of primary pump failure, a second, more powerful pump set a bit higher in the liner will take over.

In case of a power outage, our AquaStop battery backup sump pump, set at the highest level, will pump thousands of gallons on a fully charged battery!

AquaStop Sump Pump System

For an effective and more economical solution, our AquaStop Sump Pump System can help keep the basement dry.

The sump pump includes a powerful sump pump, capable of pumping thousands of gallons of water out of your basement.

The AquaStop Sump Pump System can be installed with an optional AquaStop Battery Backup Sump Pump, which can pump out over four times more on a single charge!

AquaStop Compact Crawl Space Sump Pump System

If you’re looking for a crawl space sump pump solution, the AquaStop Compact Crawl Space Sump Pump System is the ideal option. The AquaStop Compact is specifically designed for crawl spaces and can provide all the protection you need from leaks and floods.

The AquaStop Compact comes equipped with a Glentronics primary pump with the option of adding an AquaStop Battery Backup Sump Pump. This sump pump is designed to fit with the AquaStop liner and has a sump alarm to ensure you always are aware of any water in your crawl space.


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