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Selecting the Right Crawl Space Moisture Control System

AFS specializes in crawl space moisture control, using an crawlspace encapsulation system to fight against moisture, mildew and mold.

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Here are the primary three solutions for moisture control in a wet crawl space:

  • 6-mil Poly Plastic Liner
  • “Crete” Spray Concrete and Vermiculite
  • AquaStop Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Not all vapor barriers are created equal. A 6-mil poly solution is the cheapest way to go, performs the worst and is prone to tears, punctures, begins to disintegrate from UV radiation in a short period of time, and easily pulls from the walls when even installed on them.

The “Cretes” are a light concrete that is sprayed into a crawl space that has some insulating qualities depending on thickness, but does not address moisture as this fluffy cement and vermiculite concrete is even more porous than typical concrete and water vapor readily passes through. Cretes typically come with a 5-year warranty as they don’t stay on the walls well and crunch and crack when crawled on due to their softness. Crete costs about twice as much as a liner system.

The Crawl Space Solution…

The AquaStop crawl space encapsulation system is a heavy 120-mil-thick material, similar to a pool liner, but highly impervious to rips or tears. It is bright white on top and really brightens a crawl space, allowing you to see just how free of mold, insects, and dirt your crawl space now is. The vapor barrier has the Ultra-Fresh anti-microbial agent built in to help kill bacteria when it comes in contact with it. The AquaStop liner is tough enough to crawl on and enables you to use your crawl space for storage. Service people can crawl on it without the worry of puncturing or tearing the liner.


  • 120 mil thick vapor barrier – lowers humidity
  • EVOH layer prevents musty smells and odors
  • Made from virgin resins, making it naturally mold and bacteria resistant
  • Zero perm – seals out moisture and toxic soil gases
  • Class A/Class 1 fire rated
  • Mechanical fasteners ensure liner can’t be pulled from walls by crawling on it
  • Brighter with available lighting
  • Crawl space can now be used for storage
  • Improves air quality and reduces allergens
  • Reduces potential for wood rot
  • Bonded and taped seams
  • Insulates and reduces energy costs
Crawl Space Before AquaStop EncapsulationCrawl Space Repair - After

The AquaStop vapor barrier, part of the AquaStop crawl space encapsulation system, is the best solution as it addresses the moisture issue and is very tough and durable. AquaStop vapor barrier isolates a home from the earth, reducing the relative humidity level in the air. The liner completely stops moisture penetration, lowering relative humidity levels and reducing or even eliminating mold growth, rot, and critters from a crawl space, making the entire house healthier.

Other products that make up the AquaStop system include the WallCap concrete block caps that prevent damp air from rising into a crawl space through hollow concrete blocks, the AquaStop crawl space sump pump system, foam sealant to stop air penetration, Vent Covers to seal out unconditioned outside air, tight-sealing crawl space doors, the crawl space conditioning fan, and the AquaStop crawl space dehumidifier – all parts of the total solution.

To schedule an appointment with us for a Free Crawl Space Estimate and Inspection with AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists of your crawl space, call us or contact us online.

Warranty for the AquaStop Liner

This is only an example and does not imply or act as a warranty.

AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists AquaStop warranty states that the crawl space liner will be free from holes and tears, and be free from groundwater on top of the liner for 25 years, or we will repair it at no charge to the homeowner. The AquaStop crawl space liner is also warrantied to reduce the humidity in a crawl space. The warranty does not include damage from abuse, or moisture from condensation. Your System Design Specialist can answer any questions you may have.

To schedule an appointment with us for a Free Crawl Space Estimate and Inspection with AFS Foundation and Waterproofing Specialists of your crawl space, call us or contact us online.


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