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High Energy Bills

Have your energy bills been unusually high lately? It’s perplexing and often aggravating to see your energy costs soar without a clear reason. 

Excessive use of heating or cooling systems can be costly, but a key factor often overlooked is a moist, poorly insulated crawl space with variable temperatures. 

AFS is committed to aiding homeowners in the Southeast United States in understanding and tackling the factors that lead to increased energy usage. We excel in detecting and fixing crawl space problems that contribute to inefficiency, ensuring your home remains cozy and cost-effective. 

This guide will delve into the primary causes of elevated energy expenses and demonstrate how our crawl space encapsulation will help you maintain your home’s comfort and utilities. 

What Are High Energy Bills? 

High energy bills are utility expenses that surpass your usual or expected amounts. This often indicates that your HVAC system is working harder to maintain temperature balance inside your home.  

Keep in mind, it’s not just about higher thermostat settings. High energy bills frequently stem from issues like crawl space dampness and air leakage, which compromise your home’s comfort.  

Moist air rises into your home, forcing the HVAC to work harder in counteracting the external cold or heat to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Common issues that occur alongside high energy bills include: 

Addressing the underlying causes of high energy bills is crucial for restoring your home’s efficiency and comfort. 

What Causes High Energy Bills? 

Various typical crawl space issues can escalate energy costs, primarily related to moisture and air circulation: 

  • Damaged or improper insulation  
  • Open vents or gaps letting exterior air and humidity inside  
  • Landscaping issues directing water into the crawl space  
  • High humidity levels causing condensation on crawl space walls  
  • Plumbing leaks creating puddles underneath the home  
  • Saturated soil or standing water forming around wood supports  

Moisture accumulation in a crawl space can decrease indoor temperatures in winter and cause hot, humid conditions in summer. This forces your HVAC to overwork, increasing energy bills as it tries to keep temperatures comfortable. 

These issues not only impact your energy bills but can also cause structural damage and deteriorate indoor air quality. 

AFS excels in diagnosing and resolving these problems, offering effective solutions to enhance your home’s efficiency and comfort. 

Can You Fix High Energy Bills? 

Absolutely, it is possible to reduce and manage high energy bills. By tackling the fundamental moisture and air circulation issues in your crawl space, you can significantly improve your home’s environment and energy expenses. 

Keep in mind, DIY fixes rarely offer a solution to the problem, being costly and risky to take on. A long-term solution lies in a comprehensive crawl space repair system, customized to your home’s specific needs. 

AFS provides extensive solutions to address crawl space issues that lead to energy inefficiency. Our aim is to lower your energy bills and enhance the overall health and stability of your home. 

How to Fix High Energy Bills 

Effective insulation and sealing of your crawl space are key to boosting energy efficiency, which can greatly reduce your utility costs. Here’s what to expect from our methodical approach: 

AFS uses our proprietary product line, guaranteeing the best solutions tailored to your home’s needs. Our products surpass standard options, offering durable results and enhanced energy efficiency. 

Why Address High Energy Bills Now 

Addressing a damp, drafty crawl space promptly is crucial for several reasons: 

  • Immediate Cost Reduction: The longer moisture damage persists, the more costly the repairs become. You’ll notice a decrease in your energy bills once the issues are resolved and save money in the long run. 
  • Extended Appliance Life: An overworked HVAC system in adverse conditions risks early failure. Solving moisture issues extends the life of your appliances. 
  • Consistent Home Comfort: Achieve stable temperatures throughout your home. 
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: A dry, well-ventilated crawl space promotes better air quality. 
  • Better Property Value: Homes with energy efficiency are more appealing to buyers. 

Act now to safeguard your budget, HVAC system, and property value. AFS’s crawl space solutions effectively address the fundamental issues. 

Contact AFS for Dependable Crawl Space Solutions 

Don’t let your home continue to be inefficient. Feel the difference in your home’s comfort and efficiency with AFS. Our team is dedicated to identifying and resolving your crawl space problems. 

Homeowners across the Southeast United States rely on us for exceptional customer service and dependable solutions for over 20 years. Invest in your home’s health and comfort with a tailored crawl space solution. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection! 


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