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Crawl Space Drainage Matting

Excess water in your crawl space isn’t just bothersome—it’s a threat to your home’s foundation. From fostering mold to causing structural issues, poor water management can lead to significant problems. 

Water has no place in your crawl space, and our drainage matting efficiently channels it towards systems that effectively expel it from your home. AFS excels in identifying and resolving these challenges, offering tailored crawl space encapsulation solutions for a dry and healthy crawl space.

What is Crawl Space Drainage Matting? 

Crawl space drainage matting is an essential tool in combating moisture. This sturdy, dimpled mat is designed to lie beneath your home. 

More than just a mat, it’s made from durable high-density polyethylene, forming an effective route that steers unwanted water to a drainage system. It plays a vital role in water management, enhancing the overall health of your home. 

When used alongside other waterproofing strategies, encapsulation and dehumidification, drainage matting becomes a comprehensive solution for existing and potential water issues, safeguarding your home’s structure and air quality. Additionally, it strengthens the floor, making it more suitable for storage and access when used under a vapor barrier. 

Signs You Need Crawl Space Drainage Matting 

Drainage matting is designed to stop water from building up in your crawl space. For that reason, any sign of moisture warrants the use of drainage matting. Look out for the following issues: 

These symptoms point to excessive moisture or drainage issues, often stemming from various sources. Identifying the precise cause is crucial for the most effective repair strategies. 

Is Crawl Space Waterproofing Necessary? 

Absolutely, waterproofing your crawl space is vital. Neglecting water intrusion can worsen issues, leading to more significant damage to your home’s structure. 

Attempting a DIY crawl space installation is not advisable due to its complexity and potential risks. Any moisture signs should be promptly addressed by professionals. Relying on AFS ensures a thorough evaluation and precise application of repair methods. 

Delaying protective measures like drainage matting can lead to costlier, more extensive repairs. Timely action is economical and protects your home’s longevity and health. 

Incorporating crawl space waterproofing into your regular home maintenance reflects our commitment to your home’s overall well-being. Our system not only combats dampness but also provides a robust moisture defense layer, a crucial aspect of the comprehensive home health strategy we advocate. 

What Are the Benefits of Crawl Space Drainage Matting? 

Incorporating drainage matting into your crawl space waterproofing routine offers multiple advantages: 

  • Enhanced moisture management, effectively diverting water away from your home’s foundation. 
  • Improved structural stability by reducing the risk of wood decay and mold. 
  • Better usability of your crawl space for storage, thanks to the matting’s protective layer. 

We suggest using our exclusive CrawlSeal™ drainage matting as part of our all-encompassing encapsulation system for optimal results. Our products are uniquely designed and installed for superior moisture defense. 

How Drainage Matting Works 

Drainage matting is a pivotal element of the complete crawl space encapsulation process. Here’s how our AFS team tackles it: 

AFS is your go-to expert for installing this vital system, ensuring meticulous care and precision throughout the process. You can rest assured that your crawl space is in the best hands. 

Why Our Crawl Space Drainage Matting is the Best Choice for Your Home 

Our specialized drainage matting stands out as an exceptional addition to crawl space waterproofing for several reasons: 

  • Tailor-made for your specific crawl space. 
  • Resilient against mold and damage. 
  • Crafted for utmost durability and effectiveness. 
  • Outstanding drainage capability. 
  • An ideal match for our crawl space encapsulation system. 
  • Financing plans and promotions available. 

Contact AFS for Crawl Space Waterproofing Today! 

Acting quickly against crawl space dampness can stop the progression of moisture-related problems. Act now to protect your crawl space, property, and family with reliable solutions. AFS’s expertise in drainage and encapsulation creates a dry and usable space, boosting your home’s value and indoor air quality. 

For over 20 years, homeowners throughout the Southeast have depended on our skills to transform their crawl spaces into dry, healthy areas. Stop crawl space moisture once and for all and contact AFS today for a free crawl space inspection. 


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