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polyurethane injection to fix concrete

Concrete Problem Signs

Damage to the concrete outside of your home can come in many forms. Watch out for these problem signs, and you can protect your concrete early on.

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Cracks in your concrete can be a huge problem for your home’s image. Since cracks are a severe and obvious sign of damage, it may feel like you can’t catch them until they’ve already progressed. However, with this list of problem signs, AFS can help you catch concrete damage before it gets worse.   

What Are The Biggest Warning Signs That You Need Concrete Lifting? 

Uneven concrete


Some homeowners may believe that repairing cracks in concrete means only filling in the fissure with caulk or some sort of mortar mixture. This may seem like an easy DIY, but it’s not a permanent fix. Ensuring that all parts of the broken concrete are at the same level is vital to permanently repairing the concrete. This means not only cosmetically filling in the crack, but also filling the concrete in underneath, where the settlement has occurred.  

Uneven Concrete 

If one slab of concrete in your driveway, concrete sidewalk, or patio is markedly more sunken in than the others, then you’ll need concrete lifting. Uneven concrete is ultimately a safety issue, as it can be a potential tripping hazard for younger children and older adults. This danger is amplified if the uneven concrete is positioned near a pool, concrete steps, or a steep patio ledge.  

Other Foundation Issues 

If you are already facing foundation issues in your home, then you will likely also need exterior concrete lifting. Since foundation and concrete damage tend to come from the same root causes, you’ll likely notice both issues crop up at the same time.  

Poor Weather and Soil Conditions 

If you have noticeably dry or wet weather around your home, you will need concrete lifting at some point in time. Much of inland Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky has clay soil, which is sensitive to the amount of precipitation in your environment. It’s classified as “expansive” soil, meaning that when it rains, clay soaks up water and enlarges. This change in size can be powerful enough to exert pressure onto your concrete and crack it.  

The same principle can apply to the opposite effect as well. When the weather is too dry, clay will dry up and shrink. This can mean a lack of support underneath your concrete, causing air pockets to form and your concrete to collapse and sink.  

Noticing different concrete problems signs around your home? Explore more problem signs below, or set up a personalized inspection with our local experts today.  

How Can You Repair Cracks In Your Concrete? 

Traditional Mudjacking 

Also known as slab jacking, mudjacking is the process of inserting mortar beneath a section of sunken concrete. While this process used to be an industry standard, it’s slowly fading out due to its invasive installation, and better alternatives.  

Hammer in pavement

How long does traditional mudjacking last?

Mudjacking does not last as long as polyurethane injections. This is because the weight of the “mud” injected to level the concrete slowly begins to weigh down overtime. This causes the slab to experience the same cracking and sinking problems that it began with. Ultimately, it’s not worth the investment, because you’ll likely have to invest in another round of repairs.  

Polyrenewal cleanup crew

Polyurethane Foam Injections 

There are many ways to repair your concrete—but only a few that will truly last. At AFS, we use PolyRenewal™ injections. Our service technicians will inject a lightweight foam substance underneath the problem areas in your concrete. The PolyRenewal™ foam will lift your concrete to its upright position as permanent support.  

How Long Do Polyurethane Injections Last?  

Polyurethane is generally lightweight and is less likely to sink over a long period of time. It also has a quicker cure time and is safe to walk on after 15 minutes of installation.  

Local Experts in Birmingham, Nashville, Biloxi & More Can Restore Your Exterior Concrete 

Damaged concrete may seem like a smaller-scale issue to put on the back burner; however, the longer it remains unrepaired, the more it can progress. Ultimately, the cost of repairing concrete issues now will be much less than advanced concrete settlement in the future.  

With our industry experience in foundation repair and concrete lifting solutions, AFS can provide you with long-term solutions for your home. PolyRenewal™ can not only restore your home’s curb appeal, but make it safer for everyone. We offer free, full-home inspections and estimates, so you can feel sure about trusting us with your home repairs. Call to schedule your first appointment today.  

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    Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in many cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. AFS does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level.    

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