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Leaky Basement

Each year, thousands of homes battle water infiltration and leave homeowners with the daunting task of replacing damaged items such as carpet, tile, drywall, furniture, and even personal items.

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Leaky basement repair is a natural need in many homes. Water in your basement does not necessarily imply an incorrectly built house. Instead, leaks in the basement can occur due to many natural causes. Time also plays a role in foundation problems and can produce cracks. Regardless of the kind of foundation you have, problems can arise at any time.

Leaky Basement Repair and Home Maintenance

Leaky basement repair is a common component of home maintenance. Each year, thousands of homes battle water infiltration and leave homeowners with the daunting task of replacing damaged items such as carpet, tile, drywall, furniture, and even personal items. Aside from the necessary clean up, two critical questions must be answered to ensure that basement leaks are properly managed so that the home and its owner’s peace of mind can be fully restored. 

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What Causes Basements to Leak?

Water is a mighty force. As more of it surrounds a home’s foundation, it can begin to permeate the concrete walls and slabs designed to keep moisture out. Existing footing drains commonly clog and fail over time. As water stacks against the exterior walls of a basement home and builds under the slab with a rising water table, it frequently enters through the footing-wall joint at the base of the foundation wall. Builders commonly call this the “cold joint.” Cold joints are where the footing, foundation wall and slab meet. These foundation elements are constructed at different times and create a natural entry point for water. Homeowners with this dilemma will commonly see water or signs of moisture enter at the base of a basement wall.

Basements may also experience water or humidity due to cracks in foundation walls or in slabs. Additionally, block masonry walls will absorb water from wet soils surrounding the home. This water can wick through the block, leaving a chalky white residue behind called efflorescence. In any case, water and moisture in a basement must be prevented to secure the home’s value and prevent further damage. 

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Options for Leaky Basement Repair

Homeowners tending to water intrusion may attempt to mitigate the issue before calling an expert. Commonly, downspout extensions or paintable “waterproof” wall barriers keep water from entering, though positive results vary and are often very short-term in length. Homeowners should be aware that paintable coatings will chip or flake over time, as they do nothing to prevent powerful hydrostatic pressure from building outside the home and forcing its way in. These coatings commonly mold and stain over time and are not a suitable long-term fix.

Replacing exterior footing drains, or French Drains, is sometimes thought to be the correct repair; though, this method is highly intrusive as it requires complete excavation around the entire home. Because of the time and labor component, these repairs are also the most expensive, and, worst of all, typically carry little-to-no warranty. Homeowners may also find that contractors suggest an interior footing drain. AFS experts place interior footing drains next to the footing on the inside of the home, requiring excessive concrete removal. This approach also places drainage in the same dirt and mud that causes exterior drains to clog and fail over time. Experts also recommend baseboard drains, though homeowners should know that this repair relies heavily on glue and epoxy sealants that breakdown overtime, leaving them at risk to costly repair bills in the future. 

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AquaStop Drainage System

To permanently control groundwater seepage in a basement home, homeowners should look no further than the AFS AquaStop Drainage System. The uniquely designed system keeps drains away from dirt and mud. It is designed to be skillfully installed from the inside of the home. This method is convenient for homeowners and easy to service. In addition to drainage, the system offers wall barriers featuring heavy-duty, anti-microbial liners or panels that will protect against wet walls and damaged sheet rock in the future.

As a final step in controlling the basement environment, homeowners may elect the AquaStop Air System. This system is specifically designed to both clean and dry the air, offering a complete repair to a basement environment. Fixing a wet, musty basement should not a frightening task. Let the experts at AFS show you the way to fix basement water issues permanently.  


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