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Cracked Bricks

Cracked bricks signify more than an aesthetic problem; they point to an issue with your home’s foundation. At AFS, we understand the anxiety that foundation issues can create for homeowners. We know that your home is not just a building but a valuable asset and a place of comfort for your family. 

As homeowners ourselves, we are dedicated to providing swift, effective, and personalized foundation repair solutions for every homeowner in the region. We specialize in diagnosing and solving foundation problems specific throughout the Southeastern U.S., ensuring you receive expertise local to your area

What are Cracked Bricks? 

Cracks in exterior bricks commonly show up in a zigzag pattern along the mortar lines between bricks. These can range from hairline fractures to broad gaps or crumbling mortar. It’s not just a matter of looks—it’s a warning that your home’s foundation is unstable. If you ignore these signs, you risk jeopardizing the structural integrity of your home. 

What Causes Brick Cracks? 

The origin of brick cracks arises from stress exerted on your home’s foundation. As the foundation settles or moves, it applies strain on the exterior brick walls, resulting in cracks. Several key factors can lead to cracked bricks: 

  • Foundation Settlement – When the soil beneath your foundation is compromised or erodes, it disrupts your home’s structural balance, causing stress on brick walls. This is more common in challenging soil types like expansive clay, frequently found in the Southeastern U.S. 
  • Tree Roots – Expanding tree roots below your foundation can displace bricks and mortar, enlarging the soil and targeting weak areas. 
  • Soil Issues – Soil underneath your home is prone to shifting, affecting the stability of your foundation and brick walls. Weather conditions in the Southeast can exacerbate these soil issues such as heavy rain cause clay to expand or sandy soil to erode. 

Can You Fix Cracked Bricks? 

Absolutely, repairing cracked bricks is possible. However, just patching up the mortar lines won’t resolve the core issue. Though short-term solutions like fillers or mortar repair kits are available at retail outlets, they don’t offer lasting fixes. For truly effective solutions, professional expertise is essential. 

Because the real problem is your foundation, cracks will continue to widen unless the foundation is stabilized. Our repair methods are engineered to address the root issues effectively and provide you with peace of mind. 

Remember, DIY repairs on your home’s structural aspects could lead to unintentional side effects like skewed floors or jammed doors and windows. For top-tier assistance, consult the professionals at AFS, who have years of experience in this specialized field. 

How to Fix Cracked Bricks 

With AFS, you’ll get tailored solutions like helical piers and push piers. These are anchored beneath the foundation and rotate into the ground until they reach stable soil or bedrock, elevating and steadying any sinking foundation. 

Additional remedies to tackle the underlying causes of foundation instability include: 

  • Wall Anchors Sturdy steel anchors are set into the foundation walls and anchored to stable soil outside to counter inward bowing and cracking. 
  • Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcement We attach carbon fiber strips to wavy basement walls using industrial-strength epoxy. This exceptional tensile strength brings back stability to your brick walls. 

Why Address Brick Cracks Now? 

Overlooking minor brick cracks can let the root issues exacerbate. Here’s why you should act swiftly: 

  • Minimize More Expensive Repairs – Acting early on foundation issues curtails future damage and expenses. 
  • Block Moisture Entry – Cracks serve as pathways for water into your basement or crawl space, encouraging mold formation and wood rot. This is especially crucial in the humid climate of the Southeast. 
  • Enhance Home Value – Cracked or deteriorating brick walls lower your home’s attractiveness to potential buyers. Structural repairs can boost property value, ensuring a better return on investment. 

Contact AFS for Cracked Brick Repairs 

If you observe cracked bricks appearing on your home’s exterior, get in touch with AFS today. We offer free evaluations to identify underlying problems and on-the-spot estimates for repairs. We make the process easy, from initial evaluation to the completion of repairs. 

Our trained technicians will supply you with enduring solutions to permanently repair foundation issues and secure your brick walls. If stability for your home is your goal, contact us to schedule your free consultation. 


Horizontal cracks often indicate wall bowing due to increased soil pressure or foundation sinking. These signs point to the need for structural repairs. 

Examine brick veneers, basement walls, and chimneys closely. Cracks often start in places you may not immediately notice. 

Simply redoing the mortar lines is insufficient for stopping further cracking. You must first address the foundational issues, and then the bricks can be re-mortared. 

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